The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1328

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Chapter 1328 – Final decisive battle (3)

The black smoke was thin as silk, but there was a lot of it ah. Before long, a large part of the brilliant transparent crystal ball was covered in a bluish-black color.

The transparent crystal ball turned into a black crystal ball.

Su Luo was like an idiot, mechanically striding forward, step by step, moving closer and closer to Ancestor Mo's place.

Ancestor Mo didn't seem to have noticed Su Luo's figure, right now, his entire attention was attracted to that black ball of souls, as if it was a better delicacy than Su Luo's blood.

Time pa.s.sed by in minutes and seconds.

Finally, Ancestor Mo had all the souls from the million soldiers' corpses absorbed into the black crystal ball.

This black-colored crystal ball gave off the feeling of shaking fear from absorbing people's souls, ghastly and shady, making people's backs feel cold.

"Ha ha ha ha ha——" After it was finished absorbing, Ancestor Mo looked at the black threads in the crystal ball, and a fanatical laughter exploded from his mouth.

He unrestrainedly howled with a laughter that shook the world, causing an effect that nearly collapsed the sky and made the earth sink.

Amidst the sounds of his crazed laughter, the ground caved in continuously, those countless number of corpses immediately sank down and were buried by the silt.

At this time, that frozen-over Great Commander Zhao's entire person was about to go insane. He was standing there like a sculpture, not only was he forced to watch his whole million soldier army be killed, he still had to watch their souls being sucked away. Now, he also had to watch them get buried by the soil.

However, this kind of outcome made him want to throw up blood in rage, but he was powerless to change it. Even he himself was overturned in place, then fell down into the soil, and was wordlessly buried into the pitch-black soil. Everything went black from there on, while alive, he starved to death.

In the midst of Ancestor Mo's crazed laugher, Su Luo suddenly sobered up.

She only felt her mind was violently being emptied and when she opened her eyes again, Ancestor Mo already stood indifferently in front of her with the black crystal ball in his hands.

"My delicious food!" Ancestor Mo stuffed the black crystal ball into his chest pocket, then, with flying speed, pounced towards Su Luo!

At this moment, Su Luo felt like she was about to fall apart!

After fleeing all the way over here, surrounded by numerous perils, now, was she really unable to escape this?

However, survival instinct made Su Luo turn around and run!

But Su Luo wasn't able to run two steps before she was lifted up by her nape with her foot in mid-air.

Ancestor Mo's sinister teeth leaned close to Su Luo and fiercely bit towards her neck!

This time, Ancestor Mo didn't have any intention of letting Su Luo survive, so these teeth bit down urgently and fiercely, itching to break up Su Luo's whole body into pieces to consume completely.

If Su Luo was bitten, then she would certainly die! There was no hope for her to survive!

Just at this critical moment, the little divine dragon struck his head out of Su Luo's s.p.a.ce to explore. His sharp teeth moved up and ruthlessly bit down on Ancestor Mo's tongue!


Ancestor Mo momentarily didn’t detect him, so his tongue was bitten spot-on by the little divine dragon.

No matter how strong Ancestor Mo was, but how would he have been able to armour up his tongue? So, Ancestor Mo's tongue started to bleed wildly after being bitten by the little divine dragon.

Ancestor Mo went mad from anger, and with a heavy fling, the little divine dragon was immediately hit flying, and his tiny little body rolled on the ground, then, he quietly fainted. That tiny round figure laid on the ground not moving, don't know if it was dead or alive.

"He he he——" Ancestor Mo laughed madly, in pa.s.sing, grabbed Su Luo by her neck.

"Hiccup——" Su Luo suddenly felt a burst of being suffocated.

She only felt her breathing being cut off, her mind going blank. Hallucinations started to appear before her eyes.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1328

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