The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1336

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Chapter 1336 – A freak combination of factors (2)

Su Luo slowed her hands' movements as much as possible, she inserted this wooden room in place firmly. Afterwards, she accompanied at Nangong Liuyun's side with single-hearted devotion, constantly taking note of the condition of his injury and his activity.

At this moment, suddenly, a creaking sound came from outside, this sound was mechanical and had a rhythm. Sounding in the pitch-black night, gave people a feeling of hair standing on end.

Su Luo was afraid this thing would alarm Nangong Liuyun, so she directly walked out from the wooden room without thinking.

When she saw the scene before her eyes, Su Luo's entire person was stunned, blood momentarily rus.h.i.+ng up her heart!

Ancestor Mo!

This old madman unexpectedly hadn't died? At this moment, he was just swaggering towards the wooden room!

Su Luo felt the heart in her chest throb 'ba-thump, ba-thump', distinct and clear, the hands beside her body were further clenched into tight fists. Su Luo's mind was rapidly turning, calculating how she could, remaining calm and collected, draw away this crazy Ancestor Mo, to leave Nangong Liuyun enough time to heal.

Ancestor Mo's body walked closer and closer, finally, he stopped in front of Su Luo, staring blankly.

A strange expression suddenly flashed through Su Luo's eyes. Because she felt when Ancestor Mo was coming head-on just now, something about him was strange. Although she couldn't specifically say what, she always felt it was fishy somewhere.

Ancestor Mo's pair of remotely cold eyes shot towards Su Luo. His body was still, not at all like several times before, that kind of crazily pouncing over to suck her blood.

Su Luo kept silent and retreated a step, eyes half-narrowed, guardedly looking at this Ancestor Mo. She was guarded against him going crazy at any time.

"Loathsome girl, still don't come quickly to help staunch the bleeding." A familiar voice sounded from Su Luo's mind.

You guys didn't see wrong, Ancestor Mo's mouth didn't move, his voice came from the depths of Su Luo's mind, as if he was Su Luo's contracted beast.

Contracted beast?

Su Luo's eyes suddenly shone, she gave voice to her shock: "You, you are……"

"What? You don't even recognize me, little grandpa?" A proud voice came clearly from Su Luo's mind.

"Little Stone!!!" Su Luo's eyes opened very wide, she quickly walked up, sizing him up and down, "What is this all about? How did you run into the old madman's body? What about the old madman? Is he really thoroughly dead?"

Su Luo was so excited, she smashed a string of questions towards the little stone.

Little Stone crossed his arms, arrogantly raising his chin: "Do you understand what is called wresting control?"

Wresting control, Su Luo naturally had heard of, but wasn't the little stone sealed inside the stone, it couldn't even exit the range of this stone, how could it possibly wrest control?

Su Luo thought like this and naturally also said it like so. But once she said these words, she was thoroughly disdained by the little stone.

"This old madman's luck is also good, before death, he swallowed a great amount of people's souls. His soul was exceptionally huge, so the drifting of his dying soul was slow. It let I, little grandpa, pick up a bargain." The little stone was somewhat complacent, but immediately also was all kinds of disdainful, "Humph humph, just this extremely ugly rotten body, Little Grandpa is willing to use him, that is his good fortune!"

Su Luo suddenly felt speechless. You already wrest control of somebody else's body and took this body for your own. Conversely, still disliked that this body wasn't pretty enough? Worthy of being the little stone that never suffered losses and still flaunted having picked up a bargain.

"So now, you can control this body?" Su Luo showed she was somewhat skeptical, because just now, when Ancestor Mo's body walked over, the steps were mechanical. Each step seemed to be measured just to an exact size, at a glance, it made Su Luo feel very awkward from her heart.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1336

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