The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1351

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Chapter 1351 – Nangong Liuyun woke up (5)

This kind of peculiar fluctuation made people feel somewhat ill at ease.

Consequently, Su Luo nodded her head: "Let Zi Yan go together with you."

Zi Yan and Beichen Ying didn't go for very long before returning. When they returned, it wasn't only them, Zi Yan's hand still carried a young lady in ragged clothing who was battered and exhausted.
"You guys, this is…" Su Luo asked curiously.

Zi Yan spread out her hands, extremely helpless, she said: "Don't know if our luck was good or bad. By the time we went over, that huge but strange murderous aura had already disappeared without a trace. On the contrary, not being careful, we saw this unlucky young lady who was just being violently attacked by people."

Zi Yan placed this miserable young lady on the carriage floor, helping her lean against the carriage wall.

"Should we bring her along?" Beichen Ying's brows were wrinkled, "This young lady is of unknown origin, so abruptly appearing here, don't know if she will bring trouble." At that time, if they didn't bring her back, she certainly wouldn't have survived in the forest.

Su Luo raised her eyes to look over, in the next moment, she suddenly laughed.

"What are you looking at? Why is it that you look as if you had discovered some treasure?" Beichen Ying saw Su Luo smiling like a thief, and immediately became curious, poking her in the arm.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun exchanged a smile.

"This really is a lucky coincidence. I don't know many people in Northern Mo, but this young lady, I just so happen to know." Su Luo smiled.

"Who is this young lady?" Zi Yan was also interested.

"Northern Mo's third princess." Su Luo smiled, "Do you remember before, I talked about it, in Northern Mo's Clear Spirit Pool, when I washed away Ancestor Mo's aura and caused the unexpected mistake, that matter?"

"That unlucky young lady is her?" Zi Yan's eyes opened wide in a flash, this was too coincidental right? Actually able to run across her here?

A seriousness and graveness flashed across Su Luo's expression: "If I didn't guess wrongly, after that night, this Third Princess left her home." When all was said and done, she could not avoid some responsibility for this matter.

A trace of shame streaked across Su Luo's heart, if at that time, she didn't let this Third Princess ecstatically raise from the ground to the heavens, then in the next instant, through her, into h.e.l.l from despair, maybe she also wouldn't have left home, even almost met with…Beichen Ying's eyes puckered slightly: "Although this matter has a bit of a relations.h.i.+p with you, however, the main culprit is because her family is unreasonable. No matter if you did anything or not, the outcome of this matter still would develop in this direction."

Nangong Liuyun leaned weakly against the soft cus.h.i.+on, gently stroking Su Luo's hair, seldom would he endorse Beichen Ying's words: "These words were reasonably said."

Being praised by Nangong Liuyun, Beichen Ying was so excited that he almost floated up. Able to get Nangong Liuyun's praise was more difficult than advancing a level.

Su Luo's eyes sparkled, a mysterious smile streaking across her eyes: "You guys all feel that I should abandon this young lady?"

"We are not a charitable organization, moreover, along the way, there will be fights and murderous attacks. Even more of the time will be spent fleeing. An ordinary person simply is not suited for this kind of rhythm." Zi Yan seriously nodded her head, "Once we arrive at the next market, we can leave her a little more money. The road after that. she will have to walk alone."

Su Luo's line of sight landed on Beichen Ying's body, and Beichen Ying hurriedly nodded: "What Zi Yan said is very right, Luo Luo, you can not be excessively soft-hearted." With regards to them who were climbing the road of a strong expert, having a Virgin Mary's heart was unacceptable ah.

Su Luo's line of sight landed on Nangong Liuyun's body once again.

Nangong Liuyun actually smiled, in a spoiling manner, he rubbed her head: "If you want to raise her for fun, then bring her. Attending to you left and right as a servant is also not bad."

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1351

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