The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1360

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Chapter 1360 – Eastern Ling's army camp (5)

Nangong Liuyun howled with laughter in his heart, but on the surface, he calmly shook his head and intimately knocked once on Su Luo's forehead, "No need, you just wait for him to come and pay his respects."

How could he be willing to let his family's treasured Luo Luo suffer any grievances? As a matter of fact, just now, he had already campaigned on behalf of his family's Luo girl.

Mu Zifeng naturally would use the gaze of looking at the G.o.ddess of salvation when looking at Su Luo. Because her happiness or anger would directly impact the entire Eastern Ling's army camp's safety ah.

Mu Zifeng bowed his body slightly, accompanying it with a smiling face: "Miss Su, this whole journey must have made you travel-worn, do you need to bathe to clean off the dust? Want to eat something or drink something, just issue a command, whatever matters you might have, you mustn't be too polite…"

Su Luo stared blankly.

In the normal course of things, when meeting Nangong Liuyun's relatives from the older generation, she ought to be the one they get picky about. Just like at that time she was disdained by Emperor Jing, this att.i.tude of Mu Zifeng's was somewhat outside of her expectations.

Su Luo faintly smiled: "No problem, no problem. General Mu, please sit."

"Sit at the same time, the same time." Mu Zifeng's att.i.tude was simply more respectful and polite than he would be towards Emperor Jing. Even to the point of not daring to breathe loudly.

Su Luo silently inquired towards Nangong Liuyun, but he only gave her an intimate glance, as if he didn't see her question. Soon after, he picked up the tea and started to enjoy it.

"This time, does Miss Su want to return to the capital?" Mu Zifeng didn't have anything to say, so he found something to say.

At that time, a countless number of people said that this Miss Su was not worthy of Liuyun. But now, it seemed Liuyun's vision was simply too good. If Miss Su wasn't worthy of him, then in this world, who still was worthy of him? No matter what side you were considering from, they were a perfect pair of jade annulus arranged by the heavens!

"Yes, I'll first make a trip back to the capital." Su Luo nodded her head. Nangong Liuyun's health wasn't good, he needed to return to the capital and recuperate properly.

"This time, Miss Su returning to the capital will absolutely be able to win an honor on behalf of our Eastern Ling!" Mu Zifeng excitedly said.

"Win an honor? Win what honor?" Su Luo's mind drifted completely outside of this situation, her face full of puzzlement.

"The four countries' power struggle battle ah." Mu Zifeng saw Su Luo didn't know, and he immediately started to talk about it because his interest was evoked.

"This time's power struggle battle of the four countries will be held in our Eastern Ling. Miss Su your cultivation had progressed at lightning speed. Now, among all the people in the new generation of Eastern Ling, very few are able to surpa.s.s you. This time, you certainly will be able to s.h.i.+ne!"

"Four countries power struggle battle?" Su Luo's face was puzzled, how was it that she had never heard of it?

At this moment, Deputy General A suddenly said: "But… wasn't the list of names for the compet.i.tion already chosen?"

Truthfully speaking, Deputy General A and B both had a whole new level of respect for Su Luo. In the beginning, they had felt that Miss Su completely was unworthy of being with His Highness Prince Jin. But until they saw her real appearance, they suddenly came to realize how extraordinary this Fourth Miss Su was.

At this time, Nangong Liuyun and Mu Zifeng really were worthy of being blood relatives, they humphed in union to say: "The list of names for the compet.i.tion naturally can be changed."

"Really need to partic.i.p.ate?" Su Luo felt that it didn't matter if she partic.i.p.ated or not.

She didn't have a lot of sense of belonging towards Eastern Ling. At that time, when she helped Eastern Ling's army, it was merely done in pa.s.sing. On top of this, Nangong Liuyun was from Eastern Ling, so she would undertake the task. Now, to ask her specifically to go bring glory and so on to Eastern Ling, she really wasn't interested in it.

But Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head, his good-looking, handsome face smiled. His tone was gentle and soft, as if coaxing a child: "Although my family's Luo girl's cultivation advanced very fast, but her real combat experience is really too little. Go to play a bit is also good, what do you think?"

"You feel that I ought to go?" Su Luo asked.

"If you go, you may be able to run into a person you never expected." Nangong Liuyun turned into a more comfortable position and hugged Su Luo to his chest to warm him up.

"A person I never expected?" Su Luo's head slanted to the side as she thought about it. Suddenly, a light flashed through her eyes, "You are saying it's her?!"

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1360

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