The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1370

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Chapter 1370 – The road being blocked is long (5)

After Beichen Ying told Su Luo this person's ident.i.ty, Su Luo pressed her temples gloomily. This time, it really was a big problem. Li Yaoyao was at least alive, at that time, the Jade Lake's Palace had no proof that Li Aotian died in her hands. But Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi, while still alive, died right in front of her.

If what she antic.i.p.ated was not wrong, Li Yaoyao would definitely have added more oil to the fire and told Luo Qiuming everything that happened in the Nine Different Palace Halls. She would also deliberately make Luo Qiuming think that the Luo siblings died by her hand.

It had to be said, the person that understand you the best was your enemy. Su Luo's antic.i.p.ations were correct, Li Yaoyao really did as what Su Luo thought, putting all the blame for the Luo siblings' death on her body.

Li Yaoyuan naturally told him at the first moment that the shockingly beautiful lady in front of him was Su Luo.

"What? This delicate and pretty Miss is that poisonous scorpion-like wife?" Luo Qiuming stared at Su Luo with disbelief.

What poisonous scorpion-like wife? She still was not a wife yet. Su Luo silently swept him a glance.

"You are Su Luo?" Luo Qiuming's eyes were shrouded in ice and murderous-looking.

"Whether I am or not, what business is it of yours?" Su Luo smiled coldly. Jake Lake's Li family and Luoyu Palace Hall's relations.h.i.+p was very intimate. They were in-laws for many generations, not something that could be ruined with a few words.

"Haocheng and Dieyi's deaths were all because of you! Don't deny it, if it wasn't for you, this loathsome girl, they wouldn't have gone to Xian's Wood Residence. If they hadn't gone to Xian's Wood Residence, they wouldn't have died so inexplicably in the Nine Different Palace Halls!" Luo Qiuming recalled his two treasured children who died for no reason at all, and his heart twisted in pain. He said angrily: "Today, this old man will make sure you die a violent death, to give them justice!"

"Are you talking about Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi?"

Under Luo Qiuming's righteous, menacing and murderous gaze, Su Luo's eyes were still calm as water. Her voice carried a trace of sneer: "If you were to really kill me, then Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi in the ground would extremely hate you."

"What did you say?" Luo Qiuming's waved palm strike immediately stopped.

"Why would Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi die? At that time, they clearly chose not to enter Xian's Wood Residence, but because Li Yaoyao provoked the Snow Lions, they had nowhere to escape to. So, with no other way, they escaped into Xian's Wood Residence." Su Luo smiled coldly.

Su Luo's words were ninety percent true and ten percent false, but hearing it made people firmly believe it without a doubt.

"You're saying, it was Li Yaoyao…" Luo Qiuming wavered slightly.

Li Yaoyuan saw this and knew it was not good. He frowned and coldly glared at Su Luo: "If it was not for you, the Nine Different Palace Halls would not be unsealed again, and nothing would have happened to them. After all, returning to the root of the issue, it still was because of you, this loathsome girl."

After Li Yaoyuan roared angrily, he turned to Luo Qiuming to say: "Dead people cannot come back to life, the only thing we can do is to take this loathsome girl's corpse as a memorial for them. Also, to take this loathsome girl's blood to benefit the whole clan!"

Luo Qiuming nodded his head angrily. But, to say that Su Luo's words didn't create a bit of an impact on him, that's impossible. Only, under the current circ.u.mstances, he must choose to make an alliance with Jade Lake's Li family.

Just at this moment, another spirit force fluctuation came from the sky.

This time, it was Xuanyuan's family that appeared.

Soon after, Central Palace's forces also chased over.

Altogether four families, neat and tidy, surrounded Su Luo's group of people in the center. So flawlessly that even if they had wings, it was difficult to escape.

Also, between these four families and Su Luo, more or less, they all had some sort of hatred towards her.

A battle could break out at any moment.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1370

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