The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1374

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Chapter 1374 – Demanding blood in the Southern Mountains (1)

The party of people lived in the Southern Mountains, but the entire imperial capital heated up because of their arrival.

Su Luo's matter spread to every corner in the imperial capital.

Su Manor.

These two years, after Su Luo left, Su Manor entered a dull period. The entire Su Manor seemed to be in a semi-closed off state.

Madam Su and Su Jingyu still lied there half-dead, conscious, but their body was soft like an animal that had no bones and completely unable to take care of themselves. Every day, they lived a life worse than death.

After Su Qing vanished that day on the battle stage, she completely disappeared. No one knew whether she was dead or alive, nor did anyone know where she was.

The originally lively and noisy Su Manor, nowadays, the only one who could run and jump in the next generation, only remained Su Xi, this sole scion. However, the most unfortunate thing was, Su Xi, who was originally a little genius, for these two years, she didn't even progress the slightest. She was still at the third rank!

Because the younger generation of Su Manor didn't make something of themselves, even the position of Su Manor dropped again and again in the capital. Now, even the Liu family dared to behave atrociously over the head of Su Manor, to the point of wanting to remove and replace them!

In the study.

Su Zian leaned on the circular chair.

There was no candlelight in the study, the hazy moonlight poured down in torrents from outside the window. Su Zian's complexion suddenly brightened then darkened, flickering non-stop.

Suddenly, one could only heard a clear snapping sound.

The court papers Su Zian was originally holding in his hand was directly pinched into fine powder.

"Hateful!" A trace of anger flashed in Su Zian's eyes!

According to the information that was sent back, that Su Luo, at present, was actually already at the eighth rank! Eighth rank ah!

Thinking that he, the stately Su Zian, these two years, with a strongly determination to succeed, he fiercely took drugs, and only barely broke through to the sixth rank. Originally, he thought that he was already amazing, but with a slight carelessness, Su Luo, that loathsome girl, was already at the eighth rank!

Who could have known at that time that the unremarkable little concubine-born daughter would someday grow to this extent? If he had known earlier, he, Su Zian, would rather smash himself to death with a brick, and still wouldn't do that thing of expelling her from Su Manor!

Not speaking of that eighth rank strength of hers, just the blood in her body was of immeasurable value ah!

Su Zian's mood was unstably gloomy, but the only thing that could be certain was that, he, very, much, regretted, it!

Just at this moment, suddenly, the earth quaked and the mountains shook in the entire Su Manor.

A violent spirit power fluctuation came from the back of the mountain in Su Manor and filled the air.

Su Zian stood up in an instant and broke into a run in the direction of the back of the mountain!

That place was where Elder Ancestor was in closed-door cultivation. Now, with such big movement, it definitely was because Elder Ancestor over there had news.

Su Zian's heart was somewhat nervous, but he was even more overjoyed. At the time when Elder Ancestor entered closed-door cultivation, he was already at the peak of the sixth rank, now, don't know how strong he had become.

When Su Zian ran to the mountain in the back, he only saw that the entire mountain was razed to the ground. On the ground were piles of broken stones, the trees were uprooted, leaning in crazy angles, lying on the ground.

Under the hazy moonlight, an old man stood there with hands behind his back. His slender dense eyebrows were tightly knit, as if caught up in deep contemplation.

One only saw an ink-jade hairpin bounding his hair, dressed in a simple deep black gown, with the sleeves of his robe dancing gracefully in the evening wind as if it was flying.

"Elder Ancestor?" Su Zian slowed his steps and ultimately stopped, wild with joy.

Elder Ancestor turned to glance back at him, the bottom of his eyes were indifferent without the slightest temperature.

"Elder Ancestor!" After Su Zian clearly saw his face, his expression became more excited.

"En." Elder Ancestor Su faintly cast him a glance, his figure motionless.

"Did Elder Ancestor successfully exit closed-door cultivation? Are you already at the seventh rank?" Feeling the intimidating, powerful pressure coming from Elder Ancestor Su's body, Su Zian was repeatedly pleasantly surprised in his heart.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1374

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