The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1397

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Chapter 1397 – Getting things done once and for all (3)

The solitary guest Li Qiuran unmovingly stood under the tree.

His whole body was enveloped in black clothing, on his head was a bamboo hat, the brim of the hat was broad and wide, covering his entire face, making people unable to see his appearance clearly.

But the killing intent emitting from his entire body, caused the green gra.s.s within a ten meter range to completely wilt.

After Su Luo came out, she also didn't speak and only indifferently looked at him.

"So you are Su Luo?" Li Qiuran's voice was like the person himself, a glacier that had acc.u.mulated for a millenium, giving off a cold air that chilled to the bone.

"Yes." Su Luo didn't avoid it and directly admitted it.

"Since you admit it, then come take a walk with me" Blood was better when it's still warm, the price the employer had put forth for warm blood was ten times more expensive.

Li Qiuran's voice was cold, but in his heart, he nevertheless had a trace of wariness. Because he could feel that faintly discernible aura of a strong expert inside the carriage.

"Go with you? I'm afraid someone would feel jealous oh." Su Luo crossed her arms, her smile glittering, accompanied with that matchless beautiful complexion. Under the suns.h.i.+ne, her beauty, in this split second, simply was stifling.

Li Qiuran paused, his tone was still as cold and hard as before: "Your Highness Prince Jin, do you dare to come out and fight?"

In the carriage, it was silent.

Nangong Liuyun's injuries hadn't healed yet, how could Su Luo let him come out and fight? Let alone to say, Nangong Liuyun was her last trump card in a battle.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked up into a sly smile: "Li Qiuran, did you sign up for the Roaming Dragon list ranking this time?"

Li Qiuran's indifferent gaze swept a cold glance over Su Luo. As a killer in the dark, he never liked to speak.

"Then, you signed up?" Su Luo smiled faintly.

"Humph." Li Qiuran coldly snorted and declined to comment.

"If I eliminate you, then how grateful would the compet.i.tors in the Roaming Dragon list ought to be to me, wouldn't you agree?" Su Luo happily smiled as she looked at him.

"Eliminate me?" Li Qiuran finally spoke, but his tone was as if he had heard a fantasy story.

"These years, adding together the people you have killed must be close to a thousand, killing you is proper and to be expected." Su Luo raised her eyebrows, with a ghost of a smile.

"Want to kill me? Hahaha——" Li Qiuran was first in disbelief and soon afterwards, laughingly sneered 'haha'.

But his laughter still hadn't finished before he felt a trace of strangeness.

He already couldn't see Su Luo who was in front of him.

Subst.i.tuting in her place was an old man.

An old man with white hair and beard, emitting the aura of an exceptionally strong expert.

Li Qiuran's mouth looked as if a large egg was stuffed in it, In an instant, he became lifeless.

This person in front of him wasn't someone else, it was precisely the little stone draped in Elder Ancestor Mo. In fact, the little stone had requested this battle himself.

Ever since he entered Elder Ancestor Mo's body, after going through repeated breaking in, he finally adapted to this body's tempo. Everything else was about ready, but he was unable to grasp the fighting strength.

But Elder Ancestor Mo's strength was too powerful, he couldn't find a person to experiment on. But now, it just so happened that a dim-witted Li Qiuran had gathered close by chance, so, no matter what, he couldn't let him slip.

Sensing the powerful killing murderous aura in front, Li Qiuran entered a state of being on guard in a split second.

Li Qiuran was most well-known for his sword all over the fighting world.

His sword was very quick.

Rumors from people in the world was that when Li Qiuran killed a person, his sword would make one pa.s.s, and only after he had walked far away, would the person who was killed feel the pain……This speed, ought to be fast to what degree? Probably only the people who were being killed knew.

Now, Li Qiuran's sword was like in the past, quickly attacking towards Elder Ancestor Mo.

Li Qiuran didn't recognize that the person in front of him was Central Palace's Elder Ancestor, but he could feel that the other side was strong. Therefore, his first move absolutely wasn't just to probe and he directly used all his strength!

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1397

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