The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 150

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Chapter 150 – Secrets Revealed (2)

He treated the Jade Lake Fairy with such an indulgent, doting manner. Did he truly love her or was there a hidden reason?

Everybody had a right to their own secrets.

He did not explain and she did not ask.

Hidden in Su Luo’s eyes was a flash of pride. “You want me to believe you? Keep working hard.”

This lady’s trust, how could it be given to just anybody?

Hearing that, Nangong Liuyun was surprised momentarily. An instant later, he gave a hearty laugh and looked extremely pleased. “Good, good. This king will continue working hard, you just wait and see.”

After the incident that had previously occurred, his Luo girl did not flatly refuse him. She had given him some leeway. This was excellent, it was very good.

After Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo had stayed at the hot springs for ten days, they headed towards the Capital.

The Capital.

Due to being delayed by the incident with Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo still had not returned home. However, Liu Ruohua had already arrived back at the Capital.

Liu Ruohua’s team had been completely annihilated and she had also lost an arm. This made Liu ChengXiang particularly angry.

Liu Ruohua told her father everything. After she mentioned what had happened with His Highness Prince Jin, Liu ChengXiang’s face turned ugly. His eyes flickered and were unsettled.

Finally, with a pale face, he commanded, “His Highness Prince Jin is cunning and unfathomable. If he takes action to help, it’s out of friends.h.i.+p. When he doesn’t take action, then that’s to be expected as that is his normal behavior. Even if you bring the issue right in front of His Highness’s face, it would still get the same response. Forget it, go back and sequester yourself at home. From now on, be good and stay at home. Don’t go out and cause trouble.”

When Liu ChangXiang’s eyes landed on Liu Ruohua’s cut-off arm, his eyes flashed with a cold, cruel look.

Losing that arm, how could she still marry into the royal family? This daughter……has already been abandoned by him.

In the manor, Liu Ruohua who had lost all future prospects began a life of being bullied by her sisters. Living through such days was driving her mad. Her originally troublesome heart grew angrier by the day.

When Liu Ruohua remembered that the person beside His Highness Prince Jin was Su Luo, it made her missing limb ache with jealousy!

Su Luo, if I can’t enjoy good days anymore, you had better not dare to think about living well! If I’m going to h.e.l.l, I’ll drag everybody along with me!

That same day, Liu Ruohua made an appointment with Su Xi. She thought to inform Su Xi about Su Luo and His Highness Prince Jin’s relations.h.i.+p.

However, Su Xi had been sent away by her school to learn through experience. Therefore, it was Su Wan, the third Miss from Su family, that arrived at the restaurant.

Liu Ruohua did not beat around the brush and got straight to the point. “Su Wan, has your family’s Su Luo returned home yet?”

Su Wan felt this was a strange question. Su Luo clearly was grounded at home and not allowed to set foot outside. How could she return when she had never left?

Just mentioning Su Luo, Su Wan wanted to grind her teeth.

Last time, it was clearly Su Luo who injured her. In the end, her own father did not take her side. He had even grounded her along with Su Luo. If not for her past few days of good behavior, it would be hard to say whether or not she would have been grounded for the entire three months.

Su Wan only coldly smiled. “Miss Liu, your words are laughable. My family’s fourth little sister behaved improperly and was grounded as punishment by our father. Unless three to five months have pa.s.sed, it would be impossible for her to leave home. Where could she have come back from?”

Liu Ruohua heard what was said and immediately became stumped. She stared blankly at Su Wan. Suddenly, Liu Ruohua’s eyes glistened radiantly. She excitedly grabbed Su Wan’s hands, then urgently and loudly asked. “Is what you have said the truth? Su Luo really was grounded by the Great General Su?!”

Liu Ruohua, with her entire body trembling continuously, had stood up in excitement. When Su Wan saw this, she felt that this situation was exceedingly strange, so for a period of time could not reply.

Liu Ruohua was so anxious that she had started to stamp her feet. “Reply quickly! Was Su Luo really grounded by the Great General Su? Is this true?”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 150

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