The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 – Secrets revealed (3)

“Naturally, it’s true. Moreover, it’s already been this way for about a month.” Su Wan frowned and looked at Liu Ruohua with a baffled expression. She then glanced at Liu Ruohua’s cut-off wrist. A look of disgust and contempt flashed through Su Wan’s eyes.

However, Liu Ruohua suddenly started to laugh uproariously. She laughed so hard that her eyes teared up and was so excited that she continuously banged on the table.

Could this person have gone insane? Su Wan watched Liu Ruohua’s crazy appearance with disdain and secretly complained.

Liu Ruohua normally gave off a n.o.ble, graceful, and very respectable appearance. However, at this meeting, why was there such a huge change in her comportment? It was as if she had fallen from high above the clouds into a pile of mud.

“Su Luo, you will definitely die! You will definitely die!” Liu Ruohua was in the middle of a bout of insanity. She was so hysterical that she started to cry.

Su Wan’s expression changed. She also wanted Su Luo to quickly encounter some bad luck. If Liu Ruohua could eliminate Su Luo, then Su Wan naturally would endorse her actions with both hands.

Therefore, Su Wan asked. “ What happened? You should start talking.”

A malicious light radiated from Liu Ruohua’s eyes. She stared fixedly at Su Wan and word by word said. “Su Luo was never locked away at your manor to ponder over her mistakes. She went to the Sunset Mountain Range!”

“Not possible!” Without even stopping to think, Su Wan vetoed Liu Ruohua’s statement by saying, “Su Luo is a natural-born good-for-nothing. How could she possibly go to the Sunset Mountain Range? You must have mistaken her for someone else.”

“It’s true! That person really was Su Luo. I absolutely was not mistaken!” Liu Ruohua was so excited that her hands started to wave around. She malevolently glared at Su Wan. “She went there together with His Highness Prince Jin, this I am certain of!”

“Impossible! She doesn’t even know High Highness Prince Jin, how could she go there with him? Moreover, what kind of person is His Highness Prince Jin? How could he be together with Su Luo? You are talking about two completely different stations, like comparing a celestial immortal from the heavens with a pile of mud on earth. What kind of evil intentions do you harbor? This is simply too absurd!”

Su Wan completely forgot about her ladylike image and also started to bang on the table as she loudly rejected everything.

“I know that it’s hard for you to believe, but facts are facts. Su Luo went to the Sunset Mountain Range with His Highness Prince JIn. Also…hey, hey! Do you think she really is a good-for-nothing?” Liu Ruohua smiled sinisterly, full of maliciousness.

In the beginning, she had also thought that Su Luo was a good-for-nothing. However, when Liu Ruohua and her companions attempted to kill Su Luo to silence her, she had run away faster than a rabbit during the chase. If even Liu Weiming couldn’t catch Su Luo, how could she possibly be a good-for-nothing?

That loathsome girl was a tiger pretending to be a pig. She had fooled everyone.

But, this matter was related to His Highness Prince Jin and was also connected to the Jade Lake’s Fairy. Therefore, Liu Ruohua knew where to draw the line and did not let out any irresponsible remarks.

Su Wan clenched her fist and anxiously walked around the room in circles. After a long while, she stopped. She firmly looked at Liu Ruohua. “You are certain that the person you saw in the Sunset Mountain Range was Su Luo? You are not mistaken?”

“Absolutely no mistake! I injured her wrist before and the scars are still there. Furthermore, His Highness Prince Jin clearly called her Luo girl. She herself also admitted that she is Su Luo! Therefore, I absolutely can not be wrong!” Liu Ruohua stated firmly and unhesitantly. She was very resolute.

His Highness Prince Jin….Su Wan’s eyes were full of maliciousness with murderous intent. That s.l.u.t of a girl! Even though Su Luo had her engagement broken off, she had still managed to catch the crown prince’s attention. Now, she had transferred her attention to having a relations.h.i.+p with His Highness Prince Jin? Good, very good. It was clear that Su Wan needed to give Su Luo a generous gift.

“Furthermore, your family’s fourth Miss also offended the Jade Lake’s Fairy. You guys should be very careful. If the Jade Lake Palace refuses to let the matter drop, then your family will get destroyed together with all of Su Manor!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 151

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