The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1434

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Chapter 1434 – Person that came has ill will (2)

With regards to others, it was merely ten days' time, but for Su Luo, it's not the same. She had a s.p.a.ce that slowed down time by ten times, so she had a full one hundred days.

This one hundred days, Su Luo didn't eat nor drink, she was completely immersed in cultivating the Exploding Flame technique.

The Exploding Flame technique was divided into three stages.

The first stage, condense out a flame panther.

The second stage, the condensed out flame panther must have a strong attack attribute.

The third stage, to condense out at least two flame panthers with strong attack attributes.

The three stages, the written words seemed to be very simple, but to make it work was extremely difficult.

After thirty days of cultivation, Su Luo finally condensed out a complete flame panther.

This flame panther looked as if its whole body was an ignited raging inferno, seemingly fierce and brutal. But in fact, it was stuck there like a block of wood, standing there foolishly. It had no spirit nor a breath of vitality.

However, Su Luo didn't get discouraged, in any case, she had cultivated out the first stage of the secret technique.

As for the second stage…how did she give a spirit into this flame panther? This completely stumped Su Luo.

Thirty days had pa.s.sed, and Su Luo still hadn't found her way through the second stage.

And another thirty days pa.s.sed, this flame panther still foolishly stood there, looking at Su Luo.

Water and fire was incompatible, fire and ice naturally were also opposites. Su Luo knew that person dressed in black was an ice elemental mage, so she would persistently cultivate her fire element. She was preparing this to use to attack her.

The last ten days.

The spirit, the spirit as power…Su Luo thought about it until her head was about to explode.

Just at this time, the little stone's arrogant tone unhurriedly reached her, "Your mental strength is extremely lacking."

"Is this the reason?" Su Luo sincerely asked. Was it because her mental strength was too weak so she couldn't cultivate to the second stage?

The little stone's mouth curled noncommittally: "The thing you must do right now is to increase your mental strength. With regards to others, to increase their mental strength is very hard." However, for Su Luo, there was a shortcut she could walk.


"For you." The little stone tossed a thing that was s.h.i.+ny and bright.

"What is it?" Su Luo accepted it with curiosity.

"Spirit strength." The little stone said in annoyance.

"Spirit strength?" Su Luo looked at Little Stone with disbelief. Where did he get this spirit strength?"

"Since I gave it to you, just accept it." The little stone unhurriedly closed both eyes to cultivate. Ever since last time, when he had excessively used up his strength, up till now, his spirit strength hasn't been restored.

"This is…" Su Luo looked at that crystal ball, and felt it looked very familiar. Very quickly, she remembered.

Wasn't this the crystal ball that Elder Ancestor Mo used to gather the million souls after exterminating the soldiers of Northern Mo? At that time, this crystal ball was full of black threads, and those thin black threads were the so-called spirit strength.

Now, it was obvious that more than half of the black threads were gone, and the remaining spirit strength was really spa.r.s.e. However, it's still better than nothing, as Su Luo consoled herself.

After the little stone tossed the crystal ball to Su Luo, he closed his eyes and entered the nothingness of cultivation mode, thoroughly tossing Su Luo to the side.

Su Luo held that crystal ball and was somewhat dumbfounded.

In the end, how did she use this crystal ball? She completely didn't know how to operated it ah.

Just when Su Luo didn't know what to do would be best, a faint cold air came from the crystal ball and crawled up Su Luo's wrist. Soon after, it spread towards Su Luo's four limbs and hundreds of bones.

"So cold." Su Luo subconsciously s.h.i.+vered.

This spirit force was like a water snake rapidly crawling around inside Su Luo's body. Just when Su Luo was about to capture it, suddenly, Su Luo felt a slight spirit fluctuation in her sea of knowledge.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1434

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