The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 154 (ue)

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Chapter 154 – Secrets revealed (6)

“Honorable Father! Fourth little sister has disappeared. I have also heard that she has brought shame to our family while outside. We have been unaware of her actions.”

Su Wan had run enthusiastically towards the Great General Su’s study. She covered up the excitement in her eyes and as much as possible tried to employ a tranquil tone.

The writing brush in the Great General Su’s hand stopped. He raised his eyes. His sharp eyes like lightning stuck Su Wan and with a strict tone he said. “What rubbish are you spouting?”

“Honorable Father, what I have said is the truth! That s.l.u.t Su Luo…Honorable Father, you think that my fourth little sister is still locked in her courtyard as punishment. However, she had already left home a while ago. I have heard rumors from outside that she had even gone so far as to offend the Jade Lake’s Fairy!”

In order to lure Su Zian to personally check on Su Luo, Su Wan without any qualms dropped the bomb regarding the matter of the Jade Lake’s Fairy.

Su Zian’s expression changed.

Of course he knew of the Jade Lake’s Fairy’s background.

He understood more than anyone else the influential force behind the Jade Lake’s Fairy.

Su Luo had actually offended the Jade Lake’s Fairy? Where had this rumor come from?

However, even if it was baseless there could still be a reason. If nothing had happened, then why would others spread such a rumor?

Su Zian tossed aside the brush and stood up. “ Is what you have said true?” In regards to this matter, even though he had doubts, he had already halfway believed it to be true.

“Naturally, it’s the truth! Honorable Father, when this daughter heard the news, I initially also did not believe it. However, in order to secure the safety and reputation of this family, this daughter had gone to fourth younger sister’s courtyard. This daughter swears that fourth younger sister was really not there!” Su Wan wanted to immediately make this vow.

If Su Wan managed to persuade Su Zian to go look, this will force him to personally witness that Su Luo was not there. Then, at that time, even if Su Luo had not offended the Jade Lake’s Fairy, the crime of escaping her punishment would already have been placed on her body.

Su Zian’s calm manner changed slightly. He thought about it and solemnly said, “Since it’s already this way, then let’s go take a look.”

Because this may involve the Jake Lake Palace, Su Zian’s heart was also somewhat worried.

The Jade Lake Palace in this empire existed as a superpower simply due to their ancestral elder. This ancestral elder who had been in closed door cultivation for many years was a tenth-ranked expert. You could count the number of a tenth-ranked experts in the entire world on one hand.

It was said that he was Eastern Ling Empire’s Sea Stabilizing Divine Needle. With him present, there was no way to wipe out the Eastern Ling Empire. With such a status, who wouldn’t fear and revere the Jade Lake Palace?

Under such conditions, who would dare to offend the Jade Lake Palace? Who would dare to offend the Jade Lake Palace’s favorite child, the Jade Lake’s Fairy? Wouldn’t it be like courting death?

If Su Luo really had dared to offend the Jade Lake’s Fairy, then Su Zian’s first action would be to tie up Su Luo and personally escort her to the Jade Lake Palace. He would present her to the other party, allowing the Jade Lake Palace to handle the punishment. No only would he not feel sad, he would even applaud and praise the punishment.

Su Zian quickly trotted toward Su Luo’s courtyard.

Following behind him, Su Wan’s heart jumped with excitement. Such enthusiasm in her eyes could not be covered up.

“Father, let’s go in. Fourth younger sister really is not in there.” When she saw Su Zian indeterminately standing outside the door, Su Wan tried to persuade him with these words.

“Ah.” Su Zian lifted up his robe. His footstep was steady as he entered the courtyard without any announcement.

His expression was solemn, respectable, coldly strict, and contained an unknown gloominess.

Lu Luo nervously came out to welcome them. When she saw Su Zian, she hurriedly kneeled down to pay her respects to the Great General Su.

Su Zian threw a quick, cold glance at the kneeling Lu Luo. With both hands behind his back, he had an arrogant appearance. “Where is the fourth Miss? Is she still in the room?”

Lu Luo trembled with fear but did not dare to raise her head. Her voice was thin and feeble like a mosquito. “Present, present. The Miss is in her room.”

Su Wan sneered out loud. “Death is at hand and yet you still dare to quibble. Fourth younger sister is clearly not in her room. Such a lowly girl like you dares to speak so casually. You actually don’t want to live?”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 154 (ue)

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