The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1446

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Chapter 1446 – Su Qing (5)

The ten most powerful families were not unchangeable. Take Northern Mo as an example, a hundred years ago, their royal family offended Gui Ci, so the entire family was wiped out. In the end, it was replaced by Xuanyuan family.

Originally, Elder Su's ambitions weren't that big, but when he saw Su Luo's achievement and then saw Su Qing's achievement, he felt Su Manor also had the strength to vie for this.

But if they were to vie for this, they must have an exceptionally strong expert that would stand out and support them. This was the reason why Elder Su would be so dedicated to bringing back Su Luo to be recognized. Seeing he was unable to get Su Luo to come back, so he placed this idea on the strong expert behind Su Qing.

But Su Qing was determined not to say who the big character behind her was, and Elder Su had no way to force her to say it.

In fact, speaking of this, Elder Su really suffered bitterness. He painstakingly went into closed- door cultivation for ten years, with great difficulty, he broke through two ranks. He originally thought that when he came out, he would be invincible, the result was…

F*ck, even the little girl doll at that time that had just learned to hold a sword was more amazing than him. His strong mental confidence dropped, it would be a wonder if he felt comfortable about it.

In front was a Su Luo he could accept with difficulty, now, came another Su Qing….Elder Su really felt that he was shocked half to death.

"Enough, you don't want to say, then don't say it. But you must promise grandfather that you must properly teach that Su Luo a lesson." Elder Su once again recalled the blood in Su Luo's body, then repeatedly advised, "You know to injury Su Luo, how could you be afraid of not getting her blood?"

Killing her, there would be more blood, Su Qing secretly added this in her heart.

Compared to Elder Su, Su Zian was really happy. Not long before, he was embarra.s.sed by Su Luo, but the Heavens were just this good to him, immediately delivering a ninth-ranked daughter to him.

Ninth rank ah! If this was placed anywhere, two years ago, even if you killed him, he wouldn't believe it. But now, this fact was arranged in front of his eyes.

"Qing'er, daddy believes you will definitely win!" Su Zian's eyes had a trace of hard-to-conceal smugness.

"Daddy, rest a.s.sured, all the wrong and humiliation you guys received, Qing'er will get it back in one lump sum!" Su Qing nodded seriously.

Afterwards, Su Qing stayed to live in Su Manor.

Before, during her and Su Luo's life and death battle, she was seriously injured. However, after being rescued by master, her injury was gradually cured.

So, the current Su Qing was like before, with no trace of having been injured.

These ten days, Su Qing maintained a meditative state.

Su Luo also didn't relax on her cultivation, she locked herself in her room and didn't step foot outside of the door.

With other people, it was ten days, but Su Luo had a full one hundred days of time.

Originally, she had cultivated out a flame panther, after these days of effort, Su Luo already could continuously produce four flame panthers.

Moreover, Su Luo's strength at the peak of eight rank, advanced forward a bit. She only needed an opportunity and would be able to easily break through to the ninth rank.

Su Luo's promotion was true and from fighting, as for Su Qing, don't know if it was based on heaps of spirit medicine, or the manner of offering a sacrifice. This, no one was clear about.

The day of the decisive battle between Su Luo and Su Qing finally arrived.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun walked one in front and the other in back, under the escort of Beichen Ying's group, towards the battle stage.

"Sister-in-law, last time, you let Su Qing escape. This time, you must kill her on the spot." Beichen Ying exhorted repeatedly, so much so that Su Luo got a headache listening to him.

"You didn't bet that she would die right?" Su Luo calmly asked.

Along with the compet.i.tion nearing the later stages, people's bet became greater and greater. These days, Su Luo's crystal stones had once again multiplied by more than tenfold.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1446

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