The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1451

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Chapter 1451 – The final decisive battle (4)

Su Qing completely didn't expect that Su Luo would break through at such a critical moment. This simply made her hate until her heart was in sharp pain.

"What a strong spirit force fluctuation. Oh heavens, you guys look at those two flame panthers!"

Don't know which sharp-eyed person cried out loud.

Momentarily, everyone's gaze was all focused on the flame panthers' bodies.

At this moment, the two flame panthers' bodies once again took shape. Compared to before, a huge change happened to these two flame panthers!

The original orange flame on their bodies now burned with a dark gold flame. It was close to a dark red, so red that it was close to being purple!

Seeing these two flame panthers, Su Qing's ice panther subconsciously retreated back.

Because relying on intuition, they could feel the intense and powerful pressure given off by the flame panthers up ahead. Their hearts felt fear.

"Go up! Fight!" Su Qing loudly roared.

But the two ice panthers continue to retreat, not daring to go up.

Su Qing was infuriated until the veins on her forehead stuck out. She extended a hand and suddenly, a black-colored whip appeared in her hand.

"Go!" Without the slightest hesitation, Su Qing whipped towards the panther.

The two ice panthers felt Su Qing's strong fighting intent, although their hearts were timid, they had no choice but to rush up and start tearing at the opponent.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth curved into a cruel, grim smile. Couldn't see how she moved, when everyone saw two flame panthers suddenly appeared behind the two ice panthers!

Four panthers!

Su Luo actually could condense out four flame panthers!

Everyone stared in awe.

Because according to a regular person's understanding, beginner ninth rank could only condense out two flame panthers. A middle ninth rank could condense out four, only a person at the summit of ninth rank could condense out six….

Now, even Su Qing couldn't condense out four ice panthers, but Su Luo was able to do this so easily!

What did this prove? This proved that Su Luo's strength was already a head above Su Qing.

From a compet.i.tor that everyone looked down as having used dirty tricks to come to the stage of having the strength to press down on Su Qing, Su Luo's change was simply too great, to the extent that a lot of people, even now, hadn't reacted.

On the stage, the four flame panthers encircled the two ice panthers, hemming them in.

The ice panthers were already being pressed down, now, it was a two against one disadvantage, how could they possibly win?

"Awoo, awoo——"

Among their anguished wailing, they were completely swallowed up by the flame panthers until nothing was left.

On the battle stage, Su Luo stood facing the wind. The wind blew up her long black hair, that unparalleled beautiful face, momentarily, was beyond magnificent.

Su Luo smiled faintly, her smile was more dazzingly than blooming flowers: "Su Qing, what do you think?'

"Su Luo!" Su Qing crushed the whip in her hand into powder!

Just now, the two ice panthers were swallowed, it hugely affected her strength, because the ice panthers were condensed from her spirit force.

"Su Qing, you are wounded, moreover, it's not light." Su Luo's smile was soft like a cloud and gentle like the wind. But in Su Qing's eyes, it was naked mockery.

"Su Luo, today, if I don't kill you, I, Su Qing, will commit suicide on this stage!" Su Qing's expression was sinister as she made this poisonous vow!

Her words barely finished when she stuffed a snow-white pill into her mouth. Afterwards, her figure shot towards Su Luo explosively!

Su Qing's attack was a lot stronger than Su Luo had imagined!

It was because of that snow-white pill!

Although she didn't know what that pill was, but after Su Qing swallowed it, it seemed as if her strength had been upgraded to the highest state of this rank. This made Su Luo's heart be on guard.

Sure enough, when Su Luo covered herself with Nothingness of s.p.a.ce, Su Qing's attack had smashed over!

Momentarily, above Su Luo's head, fiery meteorite rain started to fall from the sky.

"Fiery Meteorite Rain?" Below the stage, several masters from the most influential families all stood up!

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1451

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