The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1452

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Chapter 1452 – The final decisive battle (5)

Only by fusing the fire element and the ice element could one fully use this technique. How could Su Qing do this?

Wasn't she only an ice mage? Why was she able to fully use an attack that fused the fire and ice element?

As a result, everyone stared at Su Qing in disbelief.

At the same time, they all very sympathetically looked at Su Luo.

Because after fusing the element, the person's strength would be a lot more powerful than before. Therefore, although Su Luo had advanced to the ninth rank, but she had no way to beat Su Qing.

The fusion of the elements within the same rank was an unequaled existence.

A pity that Su Luo ah…

Everyone all sighed in their hearts.

Fiery Meteorite Rain floated down densely.

It looked like snowflakes fluttering about, but some had a fiery red color in the middle of the white colored raindrops. It contained an enormous attack power.

"Su Luo! Go die!" Su Qing roared this out, then condensed all the spirit force and pressed down towards Su Luo.

Momentarily, the entire fighting stage was covered with Fiery Meteorite Rain from all direction. Even if Su Luo wanted to escape, she wouldn't be able to.

At this moment, Su Zian who was in the audience was extremely excited!

Su Luo was about to die! This loathsome girl that was disobedient to him, the parent, and brought him countless humiliations, finally was about to die…if he wasn't in such a public place, Su Zian would definitely howl with laughter.

But at this time, Su Luo still stood steadily in place. Her gaze swept by the ecstatic Su Zian, in the end landing on Su Qing's face. Her eyes glittered with a mocking flavor: "Su Qing, do you really think you can win?"

"Killing you is as easy as pie!" Su Qing laughed out loud.

This was her trump card, at that time, when she was leaving, she wheedled and pestered her master and got this trump card. It was specifically used to kill Su Luo!

"Really? Then just wait and see." Su Luo smiled, soon after, her wide sleeves swayed.

Just when the Fiery Meteorite Rain was about to land on Su Luo's body, suddenly, those Fiery Meteorite Rain seemed to be blocked by a protective covering. No matter what, it couldn't land on Su Luo's head.

Within a range of ten meters around Su Luo, not a drop of Fiery Meteorite Rain could be found.

Su Qing was immediately greatly alarmed!

Everyone was staring at Su Luo in disbelief!

What happened? Su Luo was able to completely block out the Fiery Meteorite Rain? When it's all said and done, just what trick was this?

Su Qing gave a strong hiss and loudly shrieked: "I order you to smas.h.!.+ Smas.h.!.+"

Su Qing controlled the Fiery Meteorite Rain and sent it flying towards Su Luo. However, within a ten meter range around Su Luo's body, it was like a s.p.a.ce isolated from the rest of the world, protecting Su Luo within it. All kinds of attacks were completely useless.

"I don't believe it!" Seeing this kind of situation, Su Qing's entire person almost went insane!

Su Luo coldly smiled: "So only you are allowed to have trump card? Rather looking down at people too much."

"This is impossible!" Su Qing shouted.

Watching as Fiery Meteorite Rain wasn't of any use against Su Luo, Su Qing seemed to have lost all her rationality. She crazily threw herself towards Su Luo! Like a shrew, bold and fierce.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth exposed a taunting sneer.

Su Qing, this is you courting death on your own, cannot blame me!

Getting close.

Twenty meters, ten meters, five meters!

When Su Qing impulsively rushed into Su Luo's Nothingness of s.p.a.ce, the corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into a satan-like strange smile.

Soon after, Su Luo's mind moved and called in a low tone: "Reduce the rate by half!"

Within Nothingness of s.p.a.ce, the pressure on Su Qing's body suddenly increased by a fold.

When the pressure on her body suddenly increased, Su Qing came to her senses in a flash. She realized matters were far from good.

Something was strange within the ten meter range of Su Luo's body!

But this discovery, with regards to Su Qing, was way too late.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1452

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