The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 159

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Chapter 159 – The final craziness (1)

Su Wan angrily left.

She sat in her room and frowned for half a day.

Outside her door stood her two personal maids, one was Xia Qing, the other was Dong Xue.

Both of them had their heads lowered, occasionally looking at each other in dismay. Neither dared to take a step forward to trouble the Miss. Clearly, both of them knew that whoever took the first step forward to soothe the Miss, would become cannon fodder for the third Miss’s rage.

They knew Su Wan’s temper better than anyone else.

Su Wan suddenly stood up, she impatiently and furiously paced around her room. She clenched her fist and discovered that no matter what, she couldn’t swallow being humiliated in such a way.

Why was she the one who always got scolded and cursed at?

Last time, Su Luo had beaten her to such extent, yet father merely said one scolding sentence that was light as a feather. Ultimately, Su Luo was only locked in her courtyard to reflect, and because of her own bad luck, Su Wan received the same punishment.

This time was also the same. Clearly, Su Luo had snubbed the family and left home. Su Luo freely and played unfettered around for about a month outside. Once Su Luo returned home, instead of being reproached, father actually blamed her instead?

Since when did Su Luo start to strive for things and be a step ahead of her?

This was absolutely impossible!

She must investigate this matter regarding Su Luo thoroughly. She must expel her from the family, or else afterwards, how could she have any status in this Manor?

With a flash of insight, Su Wan stood up and charged out, full of rage.

At this moment, the servant La Mei came in, carrying a hot bowl of lotus seed soup. She had originally thought to use it to ease Su Wan’s temper. However, by chance, when she entered, Su Wan had rushed outside without any warning. Both people coincidentally collided together.

“Ahh——” Su Wan was scalded by the soup and started to shriek. She harshly slapped La Mei in the face, making the servant spin around.

“Even such a s.l.u.t like you dares to bully me! I’m going to die from anger!”Su Wan, panting with rage, kicked her. Afterwards, without any hesitation, she turned around and left.

In front of these servants, Su Wan never bothered to cover up her spoiled, rude and unreasonable manner. Only in front of Su Zian, that delicate, kind-hearted, well-behaved and benevolent Su Wan would appear.

This time, Su Wan directly went to Prime Minister Liu’s Manor to look for Liu Ruohua.

Liu Ruohua was in a very good mood today.

Because by chance, she had discovered that Su Luo had left her home in secret, and afterwards, she had ingeniously borrowed Su Wan to get rid of Su Luo. She had incited both sisters to start an internal strife, while she could watch safely from a distance and then reap the rewards when both sides became exhausted. She was extremely satisfied with herself.

Therefore, the corners of her mouth smiled radiantly non-stop, without breaking off for an entire day.

However, her expression of smiling from ear to ear on her face shocked all the servants.

This was because, when Liu Ruohua had returned to the Prime Minister’s Manor, afterwards, she would rage or break things daily. The only thing she never did was to smile.

Only when Liu Ruohua saw Su Wan did her fine, long eyebrows rise slightly.

What kind of expression was on Su Wan’s face? Could it be that she didn’t succeed?

Su Wan made the prompt decision to strike first and asked. “Did you just play me?!”

Liu Ruohua set down the half eaten pastry, her eyes staring seriously. “What’s the matter? Didn’t you go home to tattletale on Su Luo?”

With Su Wan’s appearance of panting with rage, Liu Ruohua’s heart had a slightly bad premonition.

Sure enough, Su Wan angrily sat down. She lifted up the teacup and took a drink of green tea. She swallowed it in one mouthful and heavily slammed it onto the table. She dropped her entire body onto a purple lounger, with her head lifted to the sky.

Her gaze blazingly stared at Liu Ruohua, with a tone as frosty as ice, she asked. “You better tell me the truth, did Su Luo really go to Sunset Mountain Range?”

“How could I lie to you about this? It’s absolutely true!” Without even having to think, Liu Ruohua decisively and firmly stated.

“Swear it on your life!” Su Wan’s eyes were serious and cautious, unblinkingly staring at Liu Ruohua. She gave off an imposing and forceful manner.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 159

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