The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1494

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Chapter 1494 – Ultimate showdown (6)

At that time, from what the old emperor of Western Jin said, it seemed as if her enchanting mother's heart wasn't moved by the master of Purgatory City.

"What are you thinking about?" Rong Yun's gaze swept by her face light as a feather.

"Cough, cough, nothing." Even if she was to die, Su Luo wouldn't admit to it. After all, she couldn't ask her master 'at that time, why didn't my mother like you ah'? If she was to ask this, guaranteed, her master would send her flying with one palm strike.

Rong Yun, looking thoughtful, took a glance at Su Luo, his jet-black eyes were like obsidian giving off a faint light. His eyes seemed pensive.

Reaching his level, with only a glance, he would be able to see what the other was thinking about.

"You are curious about Long Qingtian?" Although Rong Yun's words seemed questioning, but that tone didn't seem to be questioning at all. The tone was a direct a.s.sertion.

"Who is Long Qingtian?" Su Luo blinked her eyes in puzzlement.

"That foolish guy's master." Grandmaster Rong Yun slanted an annoyed glance at Su Luo.

Who that foolish guy was, Su Luo naturally knew. This wasn't the first time Master called Nangong Liuyun 'that foolish guy' in front of her. Then his master…Purgatory City's master?!

So, it turned out Purgatory City's master was called Long Qingtian ah, such a domineering name. Just hearing it, would think he was a dragon lord that ruled over all the land kind of guy!

"Hiccup." Su Luo scratched the back of her head and foolishly smiled, "Nothing to be curious about."

After all, Master and that master of Purgatory City were rivals in love. If she was to express too much curiosity, it wouldn't be good.

"If you are curious, then just ask, it's not like there are outsiders here. Who are you pretending for?" Between Grandmaster Rong Yun's brows was a faint softness and his eyes carried a smile.

"Huh, Master, you are not mad ah?" Su Luo's whole face expressed her curiosity.

Rong Yun's eyes revealed a n.o.ble and insufferable arrogant haughtiness: "Mad? He is unworthy."

"Why?" Su Luo's pink-colored thin lips pouted.

"Both are people that have fallen from that faraway place, why would I be mad at him?" The corner of Rong Yun's mouth raised up, carrying a sour and bitter smile.

Both were people that had fallen from that faraway place? Su Luo had always been exceptionally intelligent, she would understand with just a bit. Rong Yun had already said things so clearly, how could Su Luo not think of it.

"Sure enough…." Her mother really could be called a beauty that could enchant all ah.

A sentence of both were people that had fallen from that faraway place, directly dispelled Su Luo, this little tadpole's idea that Purgatory City's master was her dad.

"Your mother…" Rong Yun always conducted himself proudly and indifferently, at this moment, Su Luo saw a thread of great change on his half bent down face.

Su Luo opened wide her pair of huge clear and monochrome eyes, with lights of curiosity flas.h.i.+ng from their depths.

Master, you quickly say, quickly say ah, don't stop. The curiosity in Su Luo's heart scattered all over the place. She just lacked pouncing over, her hand swaying Master's arm and acting cute.

Right now, half of Rong Yun's body leaned against the circular tutor chair, his eyes were half-raised towards the deep blue sky.

He only sat there unmoving, silent, not saying a word, but making it impossible to ignore his strong existence.

His face, clean and not tainted with a speck of dust. His expression was pensive, as if sunk into memories of the past and hard to extricate himself.

"Your mother…perhaps, at this time, no one was worthy of her." Rong Yun leaned against the tutor chair and raised a brow to look towards Su Luo, "Today, Little Jing said a sentence that wasn't right."

"Little Jing? Su Luo's forehead had a stumped expression. After quite a long time, she finally reacted. Could this Little Jing be referring to Emperor Jing?

Su Luo's pitch-black eyes blinked, and did not interrupt.

Because she knew, Master hadn't finished speaking.

Sure enough, after quite a while, Rong Yun's voice once again sounded faintly by Su Luo's ears.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1494

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