The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 176-177

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Chapter 176 – Irrefutable evidence

“Reporting back to Madam. The fourth Miss really did dig out all the gold coins and take it back. She didn’t leave a single gold coin behind.” The mysterious young woman who was standing in front of Madam Su stated with reverence.

“Very good, continue to keep a close watch on her. You absolutely must not give her the chance to s.h.i.+p out all the gold coins.” Madam Su’s beautiful eyes had a cruel and evil smile within them.

Su Luo, as expected, was still too inferior to be shown in public. She could be taken in by only a little bit of gold coins.

Ha, ha, Su Luo, ah, Su Luo. These ten thousand gold coins, you should take it as accompaniment for your burial. In any case, you won’t be able to live for much longer.

Whenever Madam Su recalled that after this matter was settled, she would never see these two concubines’ daughters, her mood would be especially good. The corner of her mouth tilted into a joyful arc.

After a few days pa.s.sed in a row, those days were all very tranquil.

On this day in the study.

Su Zian looked at the results of his investigation. His sharp eyebrows was deeply wrinkled and his complexion was exceptionally ugly.

On top of the thick pile of investigation reports, it was neatly and clearly written that Su Wan’s matter was related to Su Luo, and linked to her in countless ways.

Su Luo had the motive to harm her.

Because previuosly, Su Wan was aiming for her, therefore, Su Luo harbored hard feelings. It was to the extent that she would take her revenge against Su Wan.

Moreover, on this investigative report, it had included strong conclusive proof!

Su Luo had actually issued a task at the Mercenary Union and the details of the task was for a man to go rape Su Manor’s third Miss, Su Wan!

Seeing the flamboyant handwriting on the contract, Su Zian’s calm expression was abruptly covered with dark clouds.

This was Su Luo’s handwriting, there was no mistake.

Originally, he would not be able to recognize it, but the previous time, he had glanced at those sacred scriptures which Su Luo had copied for him. He discovered that Su Luo’s letters were unexpectedly strong and energetic, so he had an impression of her handwriting.

Madam Su looked at the Great General Su and again looked at the black and white investigative report. She frowned and softly said. “Is this investigative report true? This wife feels that no matter how bad Luo’er’s heart was, she could not do this. General, you mustn’t so easily make a decision, okay?”

“That’s because you are too kind-hearted. You simply do not understand the viciousness of a person’s heart, Madam.” After Su Zian consoled Madam Su, speaking of Su Luo, his complexion became ashen. His eyes were like two flames leaping out. “The investigative report was personally inspected by your husband. How could it be false?”

Madam Su’s expression remained calm and collected, secretly, she disagreed while sneering repeatedly in her heart.

How could it not be false? This investigative report was undoubtedly manipulated from behind the scenes by her.

She could absolutely prove that this investigative report was completely false.

However, as the boss that pulled the strings from behind him, Madam Su was naturally not stupid enough to say it out loud. Moreover, she had to add more oil and vinegar to inflame Su Zian’s rage even more.

“But, Luo’er she… should be unlikely do it?”

“Humph! Come, go tie up Su Luo for this general and bring her to the main hall!” Su Zian raised his head and angrily commanded.

This matter must be made clear, otherwise, keeping such a ruthless-minded girl, then Su Manor wouldn’t get to pa.s.s a single good day!

Inside the main hall.

On top of a luxurious, beautiful imperial styled chair was Su Zian, with his eyebrows knotted and looking coldly solemn. He sat on the seat of honor with awe-inspiring dignity.

Madam Su, with an amiable expression, sat by his side. Her delicate face had a faintly worried and helpless expression.

Su Jingyu stood under them, his serene appearance made it hard to see his expression.

Su Luo was brought to the main hall by guards.

“Treacherous woman! Quickly kneel down!” Su Zian’s ice-cold voice lacked even a trace of heat. His eyes seemed to harbor two flames.

Su Luo’s thin eyebrows wrinkled slightly, conforming with the norms of society, she made her salutations. Afterwards, her eyes swept around and with a light voice, asked. “Daddy, adopting this pose for the situation and also used such a heavy hand to invite daughter to come. Don’t know what you have to instruct?”

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Chapter 177 – A hundred mouths can’t be refuted (1)

Su Zian’s face was dignified, there was no sign of anger due to his position. His eyes were ice-cold without a trace of warmth. “Loathsome girl, what more do you have to say?”

Su Luo’s expression did not change, but her heart secretly became alert. Able to make Su Zian this angry, it really was not easy, but she really didn’t know what matter they were yelling about.

She had an indifferent and calm expression, and without any waves of alarm, asked. “Daddy, what are you angry about?”

To have done such a thing, and afterwards still able to use completely unfeeling and unsuspecting eyes to look at him! Su Zian furiously growled. “Speak! Your third older sister’s matter, wasn’t it caused by you?”

So it was Su Wan’s matter? Su Luo’s mind flashed with traces of misgivings. She remembered very clearly, when she started the fire, there weren’t any witnesses nor evidence to prove she did it. So her cheap father made a solemn vow and placed the criminal charges on her body. Could it be that he was scaring her?

Su Luo flashed a pair of bewildered pitch-black eyes, with a confused expression. “Third sister’s matter, how could I have done it? Daddy, you also couldn’t help looking at me with too high of a regard?”

Currently, she was weak but remained standing. Her brows were without a trace of guilty conscience and she looked at a loss. It also looked incredulous…She acted not too cold nor too hot, but just right.

Su Zian gave a heavy and cold grunt. With a scattering sound, he threw a stack of papers towards Su Luo where it rained over her!

The paper from Cheng Xin Tang (1) were sharp, its edges were as sharp as a knife. If not careful, her delicate cheeks would very easily be cut.

Su Luo avoided it without batting an eye and with poise, she picked up the scattered papers from the ground. She collected all of it together in her hand and flipped through it page by page.

Her happy and content expression, flipping through the pages of a book as if n.o.body was there…She took this place as if it was a library and not a court where cases were trialed!

Simply, simply so arrogant that no one else mattered!

Su Zian held back a breath full of anger in his chest, it couldn’t go up nor down. He really held it back until he was red in the face.

His pair of bell-shaped eyes unwaveringly stared at Su Luo.

After looking through it page by page, Su Luo held that stack of paper in her hands. She lifted her eyes and looked towards Su Zian, eyes sparkling with radiance. “Daddy, you trust the words on this report?”

“Humph!” Su Zian gave a heavy snort, “Now what more do you have to say?!”

He had already voiced his meaning very clearly. He believed in this investigation report and he had hundred thousands percent confidence in it.

Su Jingyu’s expression was indifferent, his treacherous eyes stared at Su Luo. His face was full of endless condemnation. “Su Luo! How could you do such a vicious and ruthless thing? Even if Wan’er was in the wrong, she is still your big sister! You did such a thing, which has already ruined the rest of Wan’er’s life. Haven’t you realized it?”

Su Luo’s gaze blandly shot towards Su Jingyu.

If he hadn’t said anything, she would’ve forgotten this older brother.

Madam Su who was nearby, tenderly and softly scolded: “Jingyu, how could you speak? Everything is to be decided by your father.”

Madam Su worriedly looked at Su Luo: “Luo Luo, don’t be afraid. This matter may have been started by somebody spreading rumors to create trouble. As long as you say what you know, your father would not treat you unjustly.”

Su Luo’s facial expression did not change, but she secretly sneered in her heart.

Madam Su had such a smooth-talking mouth.

Even though on the surface, she chided Su Jingyu and appeared to appease her. However, every word and every sentence did not deviate from her cheap dad. She deliberately tried to provoke his rage, just waiting for it to explode.

Masterful, she really was a master.

Su Zian indeed followed her expectations and heavily slapped his armrest. “Su Luo! Do you admit it or not!”

1) Cheng Xin Tang is one of the best quality and durable paper made by Hans during the the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era.

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