The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 178-179

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Chapter 178 – A hundred mouths can’t be refuted (2)

If she were to admit to this charge, Su Luo knew it would not be as simple as just being driven out of Su Manor.

According to Madam Su’s methods, how could she let Su Luo live?

Furthermore, carrying this type of charge, how could it sound well? Su Luo was not an idiot, she naturally would not admit to it.

When she had acted on this matter, she had clearly understood and envisioned all the causes and effects step by step. However, she simply could not have imagined that Madam Su would insert herself into this matter from another direction. To the extent that it had made this simple matter unexpectedly more complex.

Anyway it didn’t matter, she wanted to properly contend with Madam Su to take a look at the latter’s abilities.

“I didn’t do it, how would I admit to it? Admit to what?” Su Luo was neither servile nor overbearing, her expression was tranquil and calm.

“Still a dead duck, being reluctant to admit to your mistake!” On the contrary, Su Zian was so infuriated that he started to laugh. “Good, good, good! Since you are so reluctant to admit to your mistake, then let the witness approach. Let’s see how you will object!”

“Come, let Mr. Mo approach!” Su Zian’s cold and sober gaze stared at Su Luo. His eyes were full of murderous intent that was almost about to overflow.

Mr. Mo was about fifty years old, clothed in a medium-cla.s.sed light garment. He had a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks, a pair of eyes that spun and darted around, giving off a shrewd light.

Allowing this type of man to testify? Cynical light flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

“Mr Mo, what happened that day, you should carefully tell us.” Su Zian, in order to ferret out the troublemaker Su Luo with regards to this matter, had become somewhat devilishly insane.

Mr. Mo was the overseer at the Mercenary Union, the release of a.s.signments was managed by him.

Mr. Mo, gazed straight ahead, after deferentially giving Su Zian a salute, then clearly stated. “Reporting to the Venerable General, in accordance with the Mercenary Union’s rules, it’s not allowed to casually leak out a customer’s information. However, since it is the great general who demanded the investigation, the Mercenary Union would not dare do anything but to cooperate.”

“Okay, do not hesitate to speak, this general will naturally go greet your union’s president.” Su Zian waved his hands, indicating that he relax his mind and simply just speak.

“Yes.” Mr. Mo’s eyes dropped and respectfully said. “On that day, a lady came to issue a task with rewards. The great general also knows the Mercenary Union allows any task to be released. Only it remains to be seen if anyone dares to take it. When that lady’s task appeared, almost no one dared to take it. But a member in desperate need of money finally took on the task.”

“What was the task?” Su Zian duly asked.

Mr. Mo hesitated for a short time, he stole a glance at Su Luo, with a sly spirited appearance of wanting to speak but not daring to do so. Finally, as if he had decided at last, he determinedly, tightly clenched his fists. His expression became very serious and his tone following after became more cautious. “It’s…to tarnish Su family’s third Miss!”

“The lady that issued the task….who was it?!”

Su Zian gritted his teeth and asked Mr. Mo, emphasising every word. His pair of eyes which was bursting with a millennium-old ice that were like swords, was fixated on Su Luo.

He inwardly guessed, the unsophiscated Su Luo, in this kind of situation, no matter how she tried to disguise it, she was bound to lose her head out of fear.

However, what made him disappointed was not only did Su Luo not panic, but her expression was like before, without a ripple or a wave. That pair of pitch-black eyes even had a curious radiance.

What was she curious about?

Shouldn’t she be more apprehensive?

Su Zian was speechless.

Su Jingyu and Madam Su’s hearts inwardly became alert.

Originally they thought that Su Luo, this loathsome girl, would be easy to deal with, however now, it seemed as if it would be a little troublesome.

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed. She laughed grimly and repeatedly in her heart.

It really was indeed a bother to them. In order to deal with her they enacted such a brilliant play in front of her.

Chapter 179 – A hundred mouths can’t be refuted (3)

She pitied her cheap father, who believed everything was under his control. How would he know he was merely a blade in another’s hand. He was the borrowed knife used to help another to kill her. Not only did he not know, but he even believed himself to be infallible. He truly was pathetic but someone who was pitiful could also have a hateful aspect!

Bystanders might not have noticed, but Su Luo, who always observed everything thoroughly, noticed. When Mr. Mo was speaking, his gaze would occasionally shoot towards Nanny Zhao at Madam Su’s side. There seemed to be an unknown tacit understanding between the two.

In the end, what kind of tacit understanding…It really made people somewhat puzzled, ah, puzzled.

“Mr. Mo, do not hesitate to speak. On that day, who was the lady that issued this task!” Su Jingyu saw that Mr. Mo appeared somewhat hesitant. Suddenly, Su Jingyu’s expression became apprehensive, and standing for upright justice and righteousness, he spoke.

Mr. Mo looked at Su Jingyu and then glanced at Su Zian. Unexpectedly, his eyes meet with Su Luo’s.

Momentarily, it seemed as if he had received a fright, and his eyes unconsciously avoided hers.

“It is….It is…” Mr. Mo since the beginning had his head lowered, not daring to lift his eyes, and his voice was also intermittent.

“You should feel a.s.sured, you will have this general to give you justice for everything! This matter will also not be spread out. With regards to your job at the Mercenary Union, it will also absolutely not create any complications for you!” Su Zian guaranteed.

He was the Great General, having had the position for a long time, his body had a kind of calm, self-a.s.sured domineering aura.

“Clap, clap clap——”The sounds of applause suddenly came from the doorway of the main hall. That sound was intermittent, as if it was rather interested.

Su Zian’s sharp eyebrows rose and roared toward the outside. “Who’s outside?!” His next sentence was roared at the guards protecting the doorway. “What’s the matter? Hadn’t I instructed not to allow anyone inside?”

This matter, no matter what, could be said to be the Su Manor’s family scandal. Su Zian would absolutely not allow this matter to spread outside. However, now an outsider had actually come in?

Yet, in the wake of the sound of the arriving footsteps, Su Zian’s expression changed slightly.

A group of people escorted that G.o.d-like man, who slowly set foot inside the main hall.

He was accustomed to standing in the front, with a pair of purple eyes that was incomparably apathetic.

One could only see his body, which appeared graceful and honorable.

The crown prince?

It turned out to be the crown prince!

Why did he come here at this time?

Furthermore, following behind him were two females in the prime of their youth. Su Zian recognized them, one of them was Su Xi and the other one was…

“Qing’er, you came out?”

Su Zian hadn’t had a chance to speak, when Madam Su already excitedly stood up. Her body appeared to tremble slightly, the reason being that she was too happy.

The Qing’er from Madam Su’s mouth was Su Qing. She was Su family’s second Miss, Su Xi’s fully blood-related older sister.

Because she had exceptionally good talent, from a very young age, she had been accepted by Grandmaster Lan Hai as his personal disciple. She was instructed with great care while following alongside her teacher.

Half a year ago, she arrived at the third rank’s bottleneck phase, and heeding Grandmaster Lan Hai’s instructions, then went into seclusion to cultivate.

Now that she had come out, could it be?

Madam Su and Su Zian both stared at Su Qing, full of expectations. At this point in time, they had completely forgotten Su Luo’s matter.

Compared to the always proud Su Qing, why would Su Luo even matter?

“Father, Mother.” Su Qing stepped forward to pay her respects to her parents.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 178-179

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