The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1587

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Chapter 1587 – Triumph over him with one move (6)

Too much ah, simply too much ah. What was called having gotten an advantage and still flaunting it? Everyone, come over and have a look at Su Luo ah.

Beichen Ying's heart practically shouted this out.

"It doesn't seem to be that hard to come by ah." Su Luo muttered.

Master over there held it in wooden barrels. If it was so hard to come by, wouldn't it be held in a little jade bottle?

"It's not hard to come by?" Beichen Ying was so envious he almost cried, "Sister-in-law, in the end, do you know what stuff is in the Burning Blood Medicine ah?"

If Nangong Liuyun wasn't like a mountain, standing there and giving off ample deterrence force, Beichen Ying would have lifted up Su Luo and shaken her from being excited.

"Seems to be…blood?" Su Luo remembered that b.l.o.o.d.y smell really stung her nose. She almost threw up from smelling it.

"That was refined from dragon marrow and phoenix blood, also ten tenth-ranked magical beast's essential blood ah! It is said that only an Emperor ranked Apothecary can refine it!" Beichen was so excited his face turned red, "You must know there is only a bit of essential blood from one magical beast ah!"

Hearing this, Su Luo opened her eyes wide: "Is what you just said true?"

If it was really like what Beichen Ying said, then this big gift by master was really too expensive ah.

But Su Luo thought about it and felt it should be correct.

There was no free lunch in this world. Since this was a shortcut that defied nature to quickly promote a person's strength, the methods must be full of danger on top of more danger, and extremely difficult.

Tenth-ranked magical beasts could be ignored, but dragon marrow and phoenix blood, these two ingredients weren't something an average person could get. Don't know where Master found these previously rare ingredients.

The most important thing was mMster really used wooden barrels to hold it….

Su Luo really used it to bathe in ah, while bathing, she was wis.h.i.+ng to run away.

Now Su Luo remembered, her whole face was covered in sweat. Fortunately, at that time, she persevered. Otherwise, she would have greatly squandered Master's meticulous care.

"Burning Blood Medicine used to bathe in? My G.o.d ah." Beichen Ying gracefully placed a hand on his forehead, "Burning Blood Medicine is such a nature-defying medicine, a bottle with a tiny fingernail amount, it's value is equivalent to a purple crystal stone ah. Big Sister, you actually used it to bathe in! Can you clearly count how many purple-colored crystals you had bathed away?"

"I…" Su Luo speechlessly scratched her head.

That wooden barrel was calculated in kilograms ah. Moreover, it was nine days in a row, that she bathed everyday, this…

"Cough, cough, cough——" Su Luo recalled those purple crystal stones that she squandered could fill up a room, and suddenly, her whole person didn't feel good.

Nangong Liuyun, seeing Su Luo's face full of distress over the loss, his handsome face had a faint smile. He patted Su Luo on the shoulder, finding this very funny: "If you want to sell, take one of the medicinal pills in your hand and sell it, it's the same."

"Now I don't lack crystal stones." Su Luo smilingly said.

If it was before when she lacked crystal stones, when she raised a group of gluttons, money on hand was tight. Maybe she really would take the medicine Master gave her to sell it. But previously, she had just won a lot of crystal stones, and it was estimated that her share was in the hundred thousands number. So Su Luo wasn't worried at all about crystal stones.

These were all the ones the ten great families saved, but in one breath, was all won by Su Luo and them. Now, everyone was tightening their waistband and drinking thin porridge. Only Su Luo and the several of them were rich.

Su Luo lifted her eyes and saw Beichen Ying staring at herself. She smilingly patted his head: "If you had said earlier, I would really have saved you some. But now, I have used up all the Burning Blood Medicine, otherwise, Master wouldn't chase me back. Therefore——"

Su Luo made a 'my hands are tied' gesture.

"Alas." Beichen Ying gave a long and deep sigh.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1587

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