The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1592

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Chapter 1592 – To confess his real feeling (4)

At the same time, the dagger that glittered with frost appeared in the place Su Luo was at.

There were actually that came to kill her!

This dagger came too fast and too suddenly, so fast that Su Luo almost couldn't react. Fortunately, her sharp perception of danger made her subconsciously move and she rolled to the ground. Thus, she avoided the strong killing move.

At this moment, a faint shadow suddenly appeared inside the room.

The dagger was lifted up high. That virtue image once again fiercely stabbed towards Su Luo's neck.

His style was fast and accurate, sharp and cold. Making it hard for people to react.

Su Luo's pupil instantly tightened, reflecting the cold light from the dagger.

Just at this critical moment.

The dagger in Su Luo's hand suddenly blocked.


An intense hissing sound of metal on metal continued without an end.

Dagger and dagger blocked each other, colliding together. Momentarily, sparks flew in all directions.

That virtual image didn't retreat and instead pushed forward.

And Su Luo's figure was continually pressured to make her move back. In the end, with a 'thump' sound, Su Luo's back was against the firm wall. And at this moment, before her was the edge of the blade with a murderous aura. There was also that pair of eyes, flas.h.i.+ng with bloodthirsty light.

The edge of the blade stabbed towards Su Luo's eyes.

The moonlight shot into the room through the window, scattering in a clean room.

Using the moonlight Su Luo stared rigidly at this virtual image that was shrouded in shadows. She was certain that she had never seen the person in front of her. But she didn't understand why the opponent would look for her. Moreover, every step used was a killing move that had no emotions.

The edge of the blade came closer and closer to Su Luo's eyes.

Three inches, two inches, one inch….

If the edge of the blade stabbed in, then Su Luo's life would be lost.

Although Su Luo's dagger was blocking him, but she couldn't block the opponent's strength.

How was it that Nangong Liuyun still wasn't here? Su Luo's thoughts were somewhat anxious.

Just at this tense moment. Su Luo could hear faintly that not far away came a burst of strong spirit force fluctuations and the sound of weapons colliding.

Looks like the opponent wasn't only here to kill her. They even dispatched people to attack Nangong Liuyun. And more than likely, it wasn't just one person besieging Nangong Liuyun, moreover, their strength was much stronger.

Su Luo's face was like condensed frost, grave and cold. She knew now that she couldn't rely on anyone, she could only rely on herself.

Just when the edge of the blade was about to stab into Su Luo's eyes——

"Whoosh——" A cold sword flew out from Su Luo's sleeves. With a 'hiss', it stabbed towards the virtual image.

Cheng Ying Sword, at the critical moment, automatically flew out, protecting its master.

Once Cheng Ying Sword appeared, it ruthlessly stabbed into the virtual image. But what surprised Su Luo was that Cheng Ying Sword actually flew through that virtual image. Afterwards, the virtual image once again condensed into a body. Cheng Ying Sword seemed to have no effect on the virtual image!

How could it be like this? Was the person in front of their eyes a person or a ghost?

Su Luo's eyes narrowed dangerously, as she coldly watched her opponent: "In the end, who are you?"

The opponent’s mouth hidden in the shadow hooked up sinsterly. Eyes shooting out a strange light that terrified people. Encountering his gaze, Su Luo's mind was dizzy for a split second.

Just at this moment, another figure flew over. Similarly dressed in a black cloak that enveloped her from head to toe.

Her speed was very fast, so fast as to leave one image after another.

At this moment, her hand lifted up a black sword, with the sword pointing direct at Su Luo's head.

Unable to avoid it.

"Quickly wake up!"

Inside her s.p.a.ce, the little stone exploded out with an angry shout.

At the same time, his figure quickly flew out, both hands forming fists, forcefully meeting that sharp sword.

The black sword's light was red-hot, full of murderous spirit. The little stone, dressed in Elder Ancestor Mo's body, his fist was like iron, quickly exploding towards the sword point.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1592

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