The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 184

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Chapter 184 – Confrontation at the scene (1)

Mr. Mo took a deep breath and pressed down the indescribable fear that arose. He lifted his eyebrows and his deep gaze landed upon Su Luo’s body, then lightly said. “The fourth Miss Su, you must not continue to object, it’s useless.”

“Then, you admit that you personally saw me?” Su Luo shallowly smiled, unblinkingly staring at him.

“The fourth Miss Su, why should you once again court disgrace? That day, if I didn’t personally see you, then how would this lowly person dare to testify against you?” Mr. Mo’s expression was bitter and grieved.

Su Luo suddenly smiled, her smile was like the Queen of the night that bloomed, so beautifully alluring that it could not be reproduced.

“Then the me that day you spoke about, was I wearing a cloak or just as I am now?” Su Luo smiled faintly and asked him.

She didn’t do it, therefore she was not afraid to confront him.

The more thoroughly she probed, then the more flaws the opponent would reveal.

Because made-up evidence, after all, was not really true and simply couldn’t bear any scrutiny. This was also one of the reasons why, under thousands of eyes, she was secure in her knowledge since the beginning.

Was she wearing a cloak or as she was now? Mr. Mo hesitated. This detail had never been talked about before.

Mr. Mo’s gaze secretly looked towards Nanny Zhao. Nanny Zhao stood behind Madam Su, her expression remained calm, however, almost imperceptibly, she nodded her head slightly.

After Mr. Mo obtained her prompt, he once again put on a proper and righteous expression, “That day, the fourth Miss Su didn’t have any cover on, she came as she is now. She merely requested that this lowly person not spread this matter.”

“Good, let’s just pretend that I, Su Luo, is as stupid as a pig, and doesn’t know to mask her appearance when doing bad things. Also, am careless enough to sign my real name. In that case, I now ask you. On that day when you saw me, was I wearing a jasmine or Chinese peony fragrance?” Su Luo faintly smiled.

Only her pair of profoundly clear eyes which could distinguish between right and wrong, watched Mr. Mo. Those eyes were like an ancient well, without a ripple on the surface, however their vigor could intimidate a person. A person dared not look straight at it.

Jasmine fragrance or Chinese peony fragrance?

This Mr. Mo really did remember, the lady that came on that day seemed to have the jasmine fragrance on her body. That smell did not scatter for a long time, therefore his impression compared to others was rather deep.

However, how should he answer it now? The Chinese peony?

Mr. Mo lifted his eyes and looked at Su Luo’s mocking and ridiculing eyes. All of a sudden, he couldn’t respond.

Even though he was a worldly person who administered things at the Mercenary Union, he didn’t know why. In front of Su Luo, his heart unconsciously seemed to emit a kind of unprecedented panic and dread.

Obviously, this girl was merely a good-for-nothing. But, why was it that every single one of her sentences was hard for him to answer, almost forcing him to spill the beans?

Mr. Mo wiped at the cold sweat on his forehead, unsure how to respond.

At this time, Su Xi angrily glowered at Su Luo and inserted a sentence. “The fourth older sister is really laughable. Just relying on you, how could you even afford to buy rouge powder? Or even wear some fragrance, really laughable!”

These words, coincidentally reminded Mr. Mo. The corner of his mouth evoked a stiff smile, “This question by the fourth Miss Su, it’s hard for this lowly person to answer. Because after so many days, this lowly person cannot clearly remember whether the fourth Miss was wearing a fragrance.”

Mr. Mo’s reaction was pretty fast, he didn’t fall into his own first trap.

However, he could escape the first question, let’s see how he would escape the second question.

Su Luo indifferently shot a quick glance at Su Xi, and once again cast her eyes upon Mr. Mo’s old face, which was now overflowing with cold sweat.

“What the fifth younger sister said is right. As a concubine’s daughter that couldn’t even afford to buy fragrant powder, how could I have the gold coins to issue a task at the Mercenary Union? Oh, that’s right, Mr. Mo, how many gold coins were spent on that task?” Su Luo’s expression was unperturbed and lacked a single ripple. The corner of her mouth slightly lifted up.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 184

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