The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 194

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Chapter 194 – Unexpected surprise (4)

“Nothing.” Captain Zhao’s heart was somewhat sympathetic to Su Luo. Within that broken-down home, all the valuable items added together were not worth even ten taels of silver. This was still one of the Great General’s Miss ah.

Madam Su’s expression became ugly, how could it be like this!

Plainly…Madam Su shot a glance at the maid Jian Mei who stood behind her. The frosty rays bursting from those eyes made Jian Mei s.h.i.+ver from the cold.


Jian Mei was just about to explain, but she only heard Madam Su lowering her voice to admonish her: “Shut up!”

Here, there were many people with high martial arts cultivation that Jian Mei might not have discovered. No matter how much she lowered her voice, she still couldn’t guarantee that someone couldn’t overhear…Especially that Venerable Beichen Ying, who was enigmatic but full of enmity towards Su Manor.

Madam Su sent her gaze towards Beichen Ying, unexpectedly at this moment, Beichen Ying just so happened to look at her

His beautiful pitch-black eyes were like ink, as clear as a spring the, water so clear you could see all the way through to the bottom. Now, inside that pair of liquid eyes contained a barely concealed deliberate ridicule.

Madam Su’s heart was abruptly shocked!

The deep antic.i.p.ation in his eyes….what was the meaning?

Such a clear and bright pair of eyes, like a sharp sword that could pierce through the secrets in the deepest abyss of a person’s heart.

This was the first time that Madam Su had an unfathomable, mysterious gut feeling of terror, that started at the soles of her feet and slowly crawled up.

Su Zian’s expression was somewhat indeterminately switching from overcast to clear. At this moment, he was repeatedly repenting. He regretted listening to Su Jingyu’s words and coming to search Su Luo’s courtyard.

Now that there was nothing here, it made it seem as though he had been very ferociously slapped in the face.

If it was any other normal day then fine, but presently, the Venerable Beichen Ying was here and it also seemed as if he was here for revenge. He grabbed onto every trivial matter and wouldn’t let go, every single time embarra.s.sing him…At this point of time, Su Zian was suffering bitterly and could not speak out.

Perhaps even the Heavens also could not stand by and watch idly.

All of a sudden, among the soldiers searching in the courtyard, one of them let out a slightly surprised sound.

“What happened?” Su Zian could not bear the taunting expression Beichen Ying cast upon his body and quickly walked over there.

“Reporting back to the General, there seems to be something odd under here!” That round-faced soldier pointed at the ground and responded full of certainty.

Su Zian looked at the ground, then looked again at that huge locust tree, a touch of pleasant surprise appeared in his eyes.

About a hundred years ago during that war and the chaos in the capital, Elder Su had ordered some gold to be buried in the ground, to guard against the unexpected. He prepared it for use in times of need. After the war and chaos ended, the gold was dug out in succession, inevitably, some might have been overlooked. .

The huge locust tree?

Yes, that’s right! In that same year, it was marked by a locust tree!

Could it be…there really was gold buried under here?

Su Zian immediately became excited. He waved his large hand and loudly commanded: “Dig!”

Consequently, a group of soldiers brandished shovels and iron picks started digging around that several hundreds of years old locust tree

Very quickly, this event made Su Zian extremely excited.

That round-faced soldier could only be seen loudly yelling out: “Something is here! There is something under here!”

“Take it out! Quickly take it out!” Su Zian loudly said.

Yet now, a trace of worry appeared on Madam Su’s face. She didn’t know why, she seemed to have a premonition that did not bode well. She had the nagging feeling that something odd was going on.

Because according to Jian Mei’s report, at that time, Su Luo had moved all the gold coins into her room, so there should not be any gold coins left in this hole.

Therefore, Madam Su tried to secretly stop this and said: “General, this…it’s better to use caution before bringing it up.”

Su Zian waved his large hand and pushed Madam Su away: “What could happen? You are too soft-hearted!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 194

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