The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 197

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Chapter 197 – The final truth (2)

Yet unexpectedly, Beichen Ying only raised his sleeves and waved his hand, carelessly saying: “Mei Ying, since it’s already like this, you should send it back.”

Mei Ying (1) the person, was like his name. His figure was ghost-like and he also made no sound, maintaining his manner as though silence was golden.

One could only see the afterimage of his right hand’s action, then the blue leather book shot towards Su Zian in a parabolic arc.

Everyone’s anxious gaze was locked in midair on the blue leather book. Pair after pair of eyes contained complex rays of light, burning with radiance, each with their own thoughts.


The next second, an unexpected event occurred.

The string binding the blue leather book was snapped in midair, resulting in countless snow white pieces of paper fluttering about like snowflakes, gently falling to the ground…

As far as Su Jingyu’s type of person was concerned, he dared not rob, but since it had already spread to the ground, if he took the opportunity to pick it up and by chance happened to take a peek, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Therefore, Su Jingyu bent down to scoop up the paper.


However, before his fingers could touch the paper, he saw a stream of flame suddenly rush towards his hand! The momentum of the flame was like a rus.h.i.+ng torrent, with nothing held back!

Su Jingyu whirled his body to avoid it, and turned his body around to look back. He discovered that the person that had attacked him was not an outsider, but rather the person he respected the most, his honorable father!

“Father!” Su Jingyu was simply in disbelief!

He would never have imagined, that the person that had attacked him would be Su Zian, his own biological father!

Su Zian angrily roared: “Don’t move! n.o.body is allowed to move!”

Everyone was stunned by Su Zian’s berserk behavior, without exception, they stupidly looked at him.

However, the Su Zian right now seemed not to care the least bit about everyone’s gaze. His mission was to make sure that not a single piece of paper remained in this world.

Numerous small b.a.l.l.s of fire condensed in Su Zian’s palm and swept towards the ground.

The fluttering pieces of paper on the ground were immediately transformed into light smoke, and disappeared into the air.

Seeing the pieces of paper being destroyed, Su Zian’s complexion eased a little. He slowly relaxed and let out a soft, long breath of air.

However at this point in time, if there were no onlookers, he wanted to burn it then no one would object. But now, on top of His Highness the Crown Prince, there was also the Venerable president Beichen. Su Zian’s actions were too excessive. His attempts to hide it made it even more conspicuous. Therefore, Su Zian still needed to face a series of interrogations.

The Crown Prince was the first to show displeasure on his face. His complexion was hazed over with an ashen color, his pair of dark eyes unblinkingly stared at Su Zian.

In his view, Su Zian had ignored this master and was too arrogant!

Su Zian’s entire face was full of bitterness, but he could only swallow the bitterness and stuff it in his stomach. How could he explain it? What could he use to explain?

Beichen Ying saw Su Zian and the Crown Prince being at odds, and his heart had already opened up with happiness. However, his face still had to feign anger and said: “General Su! What do you mean by this? What things cannot be seen by us? You would actually deliberately destroy it in front of the Crown Prince? In your eyes, do you still have His Majesty the Emperor? Do you still have His Highness the Crown Prince?!”

Su Zian’s heart was suffering bitterly from anger!

In regards to who was the most arrogant, if you, Beichen Ying, resigned yourself to being second, n.o.body else would dare to be known as first. Now, you have reversed everything and fastened this criminal charge on Su Zian’s body.

Although Beichen Ying’s words were unpleasant to hear, however, it completely struck at the Crown Prince’s weak spot. His malicious and sharp eyes glared at Su Zian. His complexion was like condensed austerity, so gloomy as to be terrifying.

Su Zian grinded his teeth and hurriedly kneeled down. Suddenly, his brain was. .h.i.t by inspiration, but his face only revealed a terrified expression: “Your Highness the Crown Prince, that thing really had rumors that would spread a cold. This old man is afraid it will dirty the Crown Prince’s eyes. Therefore, I hurriedly destroyed it.”

“Humph!” The Crown Prince threw his sleeves skeptically.

Would Beichen Ying let Su Zian so easily pa.s.s this test? Quite clearly, he would not.

1) Mei Ying – literally translated as phantom or shadow.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 197

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