The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 198

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Chapter 198 – The final truth (3)

One could only see his eyes wide open, with an exaggerated incredulous expression: “General Su, how can you lie to His Highness the Crown Prince? Just now you clearly said that it was your Su Manor’s secret martial arts manual. How come in a blink of an eye it transformed into a book of p.o.r.nographic drawings? You shouldn’t lie without even batting an eyelid.”

In this split second, Su Luo felt that the Venerable Beichen Ying was quite adorable. At least in front of Su Zian, that ability to wound was something simply no one could withstand.

A book of drawings that would harm public morals was dug up in Su Luo’s courtyard. Very obviously if this was to spread out, it would harm Su Luo’s womanly reputation. It would make her the laughingstock of the entire capital.

Very clearly, Su Zian intended to bluff his way out. However he completely forgot to worry about how much harm this would cause Su Luo.

In his heart, perhaps only someone he could make use of and could benefit from was of interest to him…When he landed in a such a predicament, would Madam Su also end up as an easily discardable chess piece? With regards to this point, Su Luo had expectant thoughts.

Speaking of Su Zian.

This sentence spoken by Beichen Ying was obviously a slap to Su Zian’s face. Moreover it was said in front of everyone as he had ruthlessly slapped him with those words.

Su Zian’s expression momentarily hazed over. His pair of penetrating eyes ignited into two flames. He glared coldly and darkly at Beichen Ying.

Now he was completely certain, Beichen Ying definitely came to Su Manor to pick a quarrel.

Seeing the Crown Prince show displeasure, Su Zian hurriedly stated: “Your Highness the Crown Prince, that really was a book with drawings that could damage a person’s decency. If it was truly a secret martial arts manual, how could I be willing to burn it? The reason why I was so deeply worried, was, was because if this was spread out, then it would be detrimental to my family’s Luo’er.”

Once these words were spoken, around more than half of the people present believed it; including the Crown Prince. Because this justification was quite sufficient and also necessary.

A father, in order to protect his own daughter’s womanly reputation, had become so deeply worried that he had anxiously set all traces on fire.

Ah, it really was a very dignified justification. A faint mocking sneer appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth.

Su Zian was truly not stupid, he could pull this out at the most critical moment. It was sufficient to ill.u.s.trate his viciousness, mercilessness and shrewd reaction. However, obviously he underestimated the strength of a certain young lady that he just framed.

He still had not had a chance to directly experience Miss Su’s sinister cunningness.

Only, Su Luo intended to allow him to carefully observe it this time.

Everyone’s identical gaze concentrated upon Su Luo’s. Those gazes contained disdain, derision, scorn and so on, with all kinds of complex overtones. The Crown Prince used an even more deep gaze full of meaning to make fun of Su Luo while seizing her up and down. That sort of gaze made Su Luo very uncomfortable.

But Su Luo only faintly smiled.

She looked at her cheap old man with a smile that was not quite a smile. Suddenly, an extra thin piece of paper actually appeared in her hand. On the paper was something written out in black and white. However they were too far away, so everyone could not see it very clearly.

Su Luo leisurely waved that piece of paper around with a careless smile on the corner of her mouth. “Honorable father, that thing that you just said had morally corrupt drawings, was referring to the stuff on this piece of paper, right?”

“Boom——” Su Zian felt the blood from the sole of his feet rush up to his forehead in a split second. For a short period of time, his mind became stupefied.

Seeing Su Luo’s mocking and derisive manner, Su Zian’s entire body immediately became stiff.

How, how could there be one more page? When did this loathsome girl pick it up?!

Such a dramatic development unexpectedly appearing caught everyone unprepared!

Just now, almost all the sheets of paper were destroyed by Su Zian instantly. Consequently everyone had no choice but to listen to his nonsense.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 198

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