The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 204

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Chapter 204 – A new beginning (3)

“Awoo, awoo——” The adorable little dragon rolled about in Su Luo’s embrace, acting like a spoiled child rolling around. However, his small paws excitedly pointed at that tiny b.u.t.terfly.

Just when a person and a spoiled pet were noisily playing around, all of a sudden, Su Luo sensed a dangerous gaze locked onto her.

This gaze seemed to contain a hatred that was carved in the bones and engraved in the heart. It burned into her back until it became burning hot.

Who could it be?

Su Luo deliberately turned her head around.

Not far away, Su Xi’s hand was pulling at an elegant and exquisite female while walking over.

Today’s Su Xi was dressed in a red silk gown that wound lovingly along her body. Her face was white as beautiful porcelain with a pair of jet-black, limpid eyes inlaid on top. She was vivacious and pretty.

If she hadn’t revealed her spoiled and headstrong side, she looked remarkably like a young beautiful woman that would invoke tender affectionate feelings in others.

The name of that elegant and exquisite female was Su Qing.

One merely saw her appearing indifferent, giving people a kind of clear, cold and n.o.ble feeling.

Su Xi walked in front of Su Luo, and arrogantly lifted her chin, looking up and down. Then she haughtily and fussily slanted a glance at Su Luo: “Oh, not bad. Just having moved into a new courtyard, yet you have the carefree and leisurely thought to come out for a stroll?”

Su Luo’s expression was serene, she only faintly smiled while taking a quick glance at her. She was holding the adorable little dragon in her arms while leisurely stroking his fur.

The adorable little dragon comfortably sprawled on his back in Su Luo’s arms, showing off his plump belly. The him in a sleeping haze gave of tiny sounds of snoring, looking charmingly naive and unspeakably cute.

Su Xi saw that Su Luo did not respond, as if completely ignoring her words. An angry color momentarily flashed across her face. Her fine and slender forefinger pointed at Su Luo: “You are merely a good-for-nothing that was stepped on by the soles of people’s feet. What are you so proud of? Don’t think that just because Daddy bestowed a courtyard to you it would mean that he regards you highly. Hey, hey, Su Luo, I want to see how many days you can stay in that courtyard!”

Su Luo indifferently shrugged her shoulders and lightly replied: “Finished speaking?”

Being cursed at with a finger pointed at her nose and she was still this calm? Su Xi’s heart was stunned, yet she couldn’t help admitting that the Su Luo now was more difficult to deal with then the her before.

The her before, she merely had to harshly glare at her and Su Luo would become a yes-man. She wouldn’t even know where to place her hands and feet.

The present her, in the end, what great ambition and leopard guts did she eat? That she would dare to be so emboldened?

Su Xi’s face became red and pointed at Su Luo: “Don’t think that I wouldn’t dare to deal with you! I tell you, I can do anything to you!”

Su Luo faintly smiled: “I welcome you anytime.” A dog able to yell out wouldn’t bite people, real dogs that normally bite people would not yell.

Su Qing’s gaze was light as a feather as it was cast at Su Luo. She once again frowned and her eyes widened.

From her point of view, even just glancing at Su Luo was already enough of a good fortune that Su Luo would pray for with eight lives.

As for speaking, she seemed to feel that speaking to Su Luo would bring down her own status.

However, how could Su Qing let Su Luo bully her own younger sister?

Su Qing was only seen faintly smiling while pointing at the adorable little dragon in Su Luo’s arms. Her voice was clear and cold while showing a trace of dignity: “Merely a good-for-nothing, unexpectedly. you actually learned to play with contract beasts from other people. Laughable!”

Su Xi’s gaze landed on Su Luo’s arms. When she saw that little puppy sleeping sprawled on its back, she immediately laughed. She laughed until her body rocked back and forth, simply unable to stop.

After a long time, she finally gasped out a breath, inarticulately saying: “Su Luo, ha, ha, dying of laughter. Only you, a good-for-nothing, would raise a dog, the same kind of good-for-nothing animal. Ha, ha, ha, indeed, what kind of owner would have that kind of pet. Ha, ha, ha, makes me laugh to death!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 204

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