The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 208

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Chapter 208 – Skyrocketing Luck (2)

The little divine dragon limply fell down as if he had used up all his strength with that howl just now. .

Su Luo worriedly hugged him. Taking advantage of the fact that they were caught off guard, she hurriedly took out a cup of Celestial Spirit Water from her s.p.a.ce and fed it to the little divine dragon.

After feeding him the cup of Celestial Spirit Water, the little divine dragon’s spirit clearly began to recover.

However, in the wake of the little divine dragon’s howl, a dazzling golden radiance suddenly flared from the fierce panther’s body. Now the panther’s appearance was exceptionally malevolent, with sharp fangs s.h.i.+ning as if it had lost all rational thoughts. It looked ruthless and vengeful!

In a split second, it suddenly pounced forward——

In front of it was not Su Luo, but Su Qing.

Su Qing was startled into taking a step back from this sudden surprise attack. She instinctively threw out a counterattack.

Her heart was immediately stunned!

But this fierce panther was her spirit pet! How could it be possible that a spirit pet would attack its own master? Not to mention in the Eastern Ling Empire, even on the entire continent there was no such precedence!

Su Qing was furious as well as anxious, she completely lost her virtuous, proud and aloof appearance from before. Now, she had lost her head out of fear and was on the verge of falling apart.

The fierce panther right now seemed to have lost its mind. It appeared to have sunk into a deranged state. Su Qing’s counterattack decisively removed its hostility to others. As a result, even though there were many people present, the fierce panther only bit Su Qing tightly and wouldn’t let go.

Su Qing was so furious that she almost fell, she had no choice but to counterattack in self-defense.

She had been chased by her own spirit pet until she was battered and exhausted. This was indeed the most ridiculously amusing scene under the sky.

Losing a priceless fourth-ranked magical beast was still tolerable, but now, this magical beast had turned around and attacked her! This simply…simply made her gnash her teeth in hatred. She nearly vomit out a mouthful of blood.

Su Qing was fourth-ranked, and the fierce panther was also fourth ranked. Speaking in accordance with the continent’s customary convention, the same ranked magical beast would be stronger than their human counterpart by a level.

And what was more, the current fierce panther was in a berserk state. Its strength had successfully multiplied, climbing up even more.

How could Su Qing be its match? One could only see her entire body fall from being heavily pounced upon.

The fierce panther who was close at hand, with that huge head nearing and that blood mouth opened wide suddenly bit towards Su Qing’s head——

Su Qing was scared into shrieking, the sound of her shriek ripping throughout the vast sky. It resonated throughout the entire Su Manor and its courtyards.

The Su Qing at this moment had her hair in disarray, clothing ragged, giving the impression of being battered and bedraggled. How could she still have a trace of that distinctly cold grandeur left?

Seeing this, Su Luo couldn’t help clapping her hand and shouting out!

This skill of the little divine dragon was simply too wonderful. His final howl had destroyed the fierce panther’s spirit record. The panther, having lost the spirit record, already could not remember who its master was. His attack was entirely dependent on its instinct.

Therefore, Su Qing who was the closest to it became its tragic victim.

Seeing Su Qing’s head was just about to be unprotectable, Su Luo’s heart secretly speed up.

With regards to this snake-like, scorpion of a beauty, who since the beginning wanted to take her life, she didn’t have even a little bit of a good impression. Consequently, she naturally wasn’t likely to lend a helping hand, besides, she also didn’t have that kind of ability.

This proud and aloof peac.o.c.k-like Su Qing, if she was to lose her head…tsk, tsk, tsk.

However, before Su Lou could finish sighing with regret, she suddenly saw an extra person appear at the scene. This person was not a stranger but was none other than Su Luo’s cheap old man, Su Zian.

Su Zian caught up in a timely manner, and at the last minute, he rescued Su Qing who had pa.s.sed out from being scared.

Su Luo knew that with Su Zian present, this time, Su Qing wouldn’t die.

However, the berserk panther was also not easy to deal with, even the fifth-ranked Su Zian would also need to expend a lot of strength. To say nothing of the fact that now, this panther had already gone insane. Within the entire Su Manor, it charged and dashed about in all directions. Whatever stuff it saw, it would destroy, infuriating Su Zian until he almost hopped about with rage.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 208

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