The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 – Skyrocketing luck (4)

Why would he be able to speak at this time?

Could it be, don’t tell me, it was somehow related to that last howl when he commanded the panther?

If that was the case, then she really did profit from a disaster. Su Luo’s thoughts became joyful and she use more force to rub his little head.

The little dragon being able to talk was really great. Now, it would be more convenient for her to gamble on stones. Otherwise, they would be like chickens speaking with ducks, having a hard time communicating.

“Young lady, seeing as you are this beautiful, your luck should also be as pretty. How about cutting one open to test your luck? Maybe it really will have a red-colored crystal stone. This piece of source stone is not expensive. It will cost you no more than one gold coin.” The middle-aged fellow saw that Su Luo had halted her footsteps, so he put more energy into selling it.

Su Luo lightly smiled and said: “Since this elder brother is so optimistic, why don’t you yourself cut it open and check? Maybe inside there really is a red-colored crystal stone, then you would make a huge profit.”

Even though red-colored crystal stones were the lowest grade among crystal stones, because there weren’t much of it, so the price was still not cheap. The starting price was at least one hundred gold coins.

The middle-aged fellow sighed:” My hand is too black (1). Previously other people who bought source stones from me could cut out a crystal stone. I bought source stones for myself for decades, but couldn’t cut out a single one. Wouldn’t you say that my hand is black?”

Black, moreover extremely black, so black that it was limitless.

Su Luo held the little divine dragon in one hand and used the other to hand the middle-aged man a single gold coin: “Okay, then just this one, then I will trouble uncle to cut out for me.”

That piece of source stone weighed more than five kilograms, and was not very convenient to carry along. Consequently, Su Luo chose to cut it open on the spot.

Seeing that he had succeeded in doing this business, the middle-aged man naturally was all smiles. But he looked at Su Luo with a sad air: “Young lady, you really want me to cut it open? My hand is truly very black.”

The implication was for Su Luo not to blame him if he couldn’t cut out a crystal stone.

Su Luo smiled, carelessly waved her hand and said: “No matter, if you cut something out, as long as uncle doesn’t keep it, then everything will be fine.”

It was merely a piece of red crystal stone, she wasn’t in the mood to use her own hand to cut it out.

“How could I do that? Look, it’s all here written in black ink on the white piece of paper. Money for the goods have now been received and the bill settled.” The middle aged man gave Su Luo a receipt.

Su Luo smiled: “Then time to cut it open.” The little divine dragon said that inside it there was a red-colored crystal stone, then she was absolutely a.s.sured that there was one.

The middle-aged fellow adjusted the positing of the stone a little. He first made a vertical cut, and immediately, a puff of dust filled the air.

The part of the source stone that was cut was still greyish-white in color, without even a trace of containing a crystal stone.

The middle-aged fellow looked at his own pair of hands and then lifted his head to look somewhat apologetically at Su Luo.

“No problem, continue to cut, I believe in your luck.” Su Luo’s smile was unperturbed, her eyes carried a touch of encouragement.

In fact, it wasn’t because she believed in his luck, but it was that she believed in the little divine dragon’s treasure hunting ability. This time, she had come out to cut source stones and could also in pa.s.sing, wash off the man’s black hands.

At this moment, a person on the side suddenly went closer. He was wearing a robe made of cloth, and was wearing a Chinese skullcap on his head. A face with a shrewd mouth and monkey cheeks. At a glance, people could tell that he was not good to get along with.

He coldly looked at the middle-aged man and sneeringly said: “ Liu Qi, you still dare to cut source stones? Aren’t you afraid of giving your bad luck to the customer?”

Finished speaking, this shrewd mouth and monkey cheeks fellow with a bantering smile said to Su Luo: “Young lady, is this your first time here? You may not know, Liu Qi, this stand, hasn’t cut out a crystal stone in a year already. People who understand a little of this business wouldn’t buy from him. Young lady, you were fooled.”

Liu Qi’s expression changed slightly, his hand holding the source stone faintly trembled. He angrily glared at that man——

1) black: I kept the literal Chinese translation: It really mean bad luck or unlucky. So Chinese people who are unlucky usually say their hands are black.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 210

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