The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – My heart had been broken long ago

The recoil from the crystal ball did not seriously injure Su Luo but her head felt muddled and would occasionally twitch from pain. However, she did not mention this matter to Nangong Liuyun.

After returning to the Manor, Su Luo laid on her bed and thought about today’s events.

The scheme that made Su Wan fall in the water, which also dragged in Su Xi, made the two sisters fight with one another, and made them suffer tremendously.

As she drifted into thought, a handsome face suddenly popped up in her mind for no reason at all.

An incomparably handsome appearance, extremely high innate talent, extremely strong martial arts, and was even the empire’s respected prince. He didn’t treat her that badly, and figuratively speaking, Nangong Liuyun wouldn’t be that bad of a partner.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth unfolded into a faint and bitter smile.

So what if Nangong Liuyun was serious about her? Her heart had been broken long ago, and was nearly destroyed. How could she fall in love with another once more?

Yun Qi, how are you doing in that world? I had swallowed the Dragon Ring so you would never be able to find it, heh. Would Sister Ming forgive you?

Without warning, a sparkling teardrop tumbled down her fair delicate face and moistened her cotton pillow.

Yun Qi had given her an unprecedented blow and ruthlessly smashed her faithful devotion into pieces. Su Luo knew that if she fell in love with another in this lifetime and trust another in that way again, that would be a truly difficult feat.

Nighttime. It seemed as if the sky had been wrapped by black armband. As for the time before daybreak, the night sky was at its most darkest of black, as if thick black ink had been spilled on it.

The Su Luo who had sunk into deep sleep did not know the speed of how this day arrived so fast.

Early morning, the first appearance of the red sun unhurriedly climbed upwards in the distant eastern sky. As daylight surfaced, the whole sky was tinged in red hues, evidently prophesizing a clear and bright day. However, many felt that today, was Su Luo’s most disastrous day.

After having breakfast, Lu Luo suddenly rushed over in an urgent manner, with tears in her eyes and a face full of panic.

“Miss, how could you still be so calm and relaxed? Something major has occurred!” Due to her rus.h.i.+ng here as quick as possible, she gasped for breath.

Su Luo poured a cup of water for her and faintly smiled. “Different situations call for different actions, take your time. Slowly drink this water and then talk.”

How could Lu Luo possibly have time to drink water? She was so anxious that her forehead was littered with beads of sweat. In a panic, she said: “Miss, how could this be a good thing? At dawn, the crown prince personally brought men here and said that he wanted to annul your engagement!”

Oh? So it’s like that? And she thought something bad had happened. Su Luo calmly poured water for herself and unhurried drank it as if she was currently sampling the world’s most valuable tea.

Seeing her calm and collected expression, Lu Luo became angrier, “Miss! Hurry up and think of a way. You were originally engaged to the crown prince yet was still bullied to that state. If this engagement was annulled, what would the future hold for you…”

Lu Luo still did not know that her former cowardly owner had already been switched with a more stronger soul and was so worried that she was about to start crying.

Su Luo smiled at her and secretly spoke to herself. This marriage thing would sooner or later be annulled. If the crown prince doesn’t come in to annul the engagement, she would personally go to annul it later on. The crown prince wanting to annul the engagement fits well with her plan, so why would she go out to prevent it?

At this moment, chaotic footsteps came from outside the door. A middle aged woman came in, looked down at Su Luo with a disgusted glance, and coldly said: “Fourth Miss, Madam requests that you go to the main hall. She wants to discuss an important matter with you.”

This woman was Madam’s most efficient nanny. Known as Nanny Gui, she was at the second step of the Warrior so she was always aloof even in front of Su Luo. Just by facial indications alone, it was as if she was the master and Su Luo was the inferior one.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 19

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