The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 212

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Chapter 212 – The scene of gambling on stones

Liu Qi followed along everyone’s gaze and looked and discovered that under his own cut, a trace of light red color was revealed.

Although this trace of red line didn’t attract people, however that flexible, sleek feel was very strong.

At the scene, there were excited people who started to shout loudly: “A winning bet! A winning bet!”

Su Luo faintly smiled, her eyebrows rose towards Hou San on one side. Seeing that he was just about to stealthily slip away, she raised her voice and said a phrase: “Oh? Where is that person who just made the bet?”

The people that came and gathered around were for the most part, people who loved rowdy events. Normally, they were not fond of Hou San’s personal conduct. Seeing this, they couldn’t help but to follow each other to heckle him.

“Hou San, don’t go anywhere, this bet isn’t finished yet.”

“Right! The red already appeared and now you want to go, too late.”

“A monk can run away but the temple cannot. Hou San, if you leave, we will take whatever stuff we want from your shop.”

There were sounds of taunting, derision and also rowdy jeering.

Momentarily, Hou San’s complexion was scarlet red and the people watching in a circle deliberately trapped him in the middle. Even if he wanted to leave, he couldn’t walk out.

Liu Qi very carefully cut out that piece of red-colored crystal stone. His pair of eyes shone with radiance from being emotionally moved. The hands cupping the source stone was even trembling slightly.

Even though it was a red-colored crystal stone worth one hundred gold coins, he nevertheless and without the slightest hesitation, delivered it into Su Luo’s hands. He earnestly said: “Young lady, your red-colored crystal stone. You must be careful to safeguard it.”

Su Luo casually accepted it, without waiting for her to put it in her chest pocket, a few people on the side loudly started to ask: “Young lady, are you going to sell that piece of red-colored crystal stone?”

Seeing that there were people inquiring, afraid of speaking late and not being able to grab it, some people immediately followed after and shouted: “Young lady, I’ll give you one hundred gold. You should sell this red-colored crystal stone to me!”

A red-colored crystal stone, with regards to the cultivation of people third-ranked or below, was very useful. Only, even if it was a red-colored crystal stone, there still weren’t many of them on the entire continent.

“I’ll give you one hundred and ten gold!”

“I’ll give you one hundred and twenty gold!”

“I’ll give you one hundred and fifty gold!”

Immediately, the price of this red-colored crystal stone started to climb up, little by little.

Even though the market price for a red-colored crystal stone was one hundred gold, yet, it couldn’t match the free market price. It simply could not meet the demand, and as a result, a red-colored crystal stone’s price at an auction was greater than one hundred gold.

Su Luo faintly smiled and was just about to speak, however, without waiting for her to speak, someone called out loudly: “Our family’s young master offers three hundred gold! Who still dares to follow up!”

Su Luo lifted her eyes to look over there.

From up ahead, came a juvenile-aged young master dressed in a magnificent brocade garment. He was about seventeen to eighteen years old, with a pair of bright and intelligent eyes. His peach blossom facial features were extremely handsome. One could see his whole body issuing out a superior air of arrogance. At first glance, he made Su Luo feel somewhat dissatisfied.

The servant by his side was also arrogant and bossy; his haughtiness was out of bounds.

Following the arrival of the magnificently dressed young master, all the people present were silent without words. n.o.body dared to make further bids, and some people had already quietly slipped away.

Now, Liu Qi also used a somewhat concerned gaze to take a quick look at Su Luo.

Su Luo merely smiled faintly and cast a quick glance at that magnificently dressed young master. She briefly and clearly said: “Sorry, this Miss is not selling the red-colored crystal stone.”

“Won’t sell? Do you know who our n.o.ble young master is?” That arrogant servant had his chin lifted up high, scornfully sweeping Su Luo a glance. Whatever their n.o.ble young master fancied, wasn’t something he couldn’t obtain.

Su Luo’s gaze swept around her surroundings once, all of a sudden, she shallowly smiled. “As it turned out, this source stone marketplace boasting the freedom to buy and sell, was it merely said to fool people? Is the true state of affairs here actually in forcing people to buy or sell?”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 212

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