The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 – Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (7)

Su Luo had already left earlier, naturally, she did not know about Hou San’s self-styled genius idea that he came up with later to recover his losses. If she had known, she would very likely be laughing until her body rocked back and forth. Because she could entirely predict that after all the bets were placed and the source stone was cut Hou San’s face would be like a colorful palette.

This raw materials marketplace was huge. This, however, was Su Luo’s first time here. As she was unfamiliar with the layout, she could only leave it to her luck.

Only that in Su Luo’s point of view and from her experience, every profession would have their own circle and regulations.

Such as gambling stones, if she didn’t have a referral from people in the profession, she wouldn’t know where the few hidden shop of experts were located. Even though she had the little divine dragon who could sense crystal stones in her s.p.a.ce; if she wasn’t even allowed to enter their shop, then it was still useless.

Just when Su Luo was worrying while walking around, suddenly, two little boys ran towards her, trying to catch up with her.

However, Su Luo was on guard and turned sideways to avoid them.

Those two little boys hadn’t expected Su Luo to react in that way, they had a somewhat stunned expression, but very quickly, their expression was restored. They were play-fighting and being noisy, and continued to run until they were far away.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose into a shallow smile. Even if she had ended up in ancient times, she was still as proud as before of her accurate sixth sense.

Just now, she felt that the two little boys that were noisily play fighting were fishy, so she turned sideways to avoid them. Soon after, their reaction wholeheartedly confirmed her suspicion.

Those two little boys were deliberately pretending to fight playfully in order to get nearer to her side to steal her purse.

As expected, she would have to be careful everywhere she went in this raw materials marketplace.If she didn’t pay close attention, then she wouldn’t be able to protect her purse. Even such young kids knew to form groups to steal. Su Luo just smiled and proceeded to walk forward. Only, she didn’t take more than a few steps before her figure halted.

This was because a boy wearing old-fas.h.i.+oned clothes which was clean and neatly washed, stood in front of her. With a deadly earnest tone, he started to speak to her.

“Most n.o.ble Miss, do you need a guide? Don’t just look at me being young, my home is only ten meters away behind this marketplace. From when I was little, I grew up in this gambling stones marketplace. I’m familiar with everything within here, whatever information you need, I could tell you everything. In addition, I could also take you to the hidden shops.”

The little boy’s clothes were old-fas.h.i.+oned and his proper pants had been worn until it was mostly tearing apart. The cloth-made shoes were worn out, with a hole exposing his big toe.

Seeing Su Luo’s gaze sweep his pair of shabby shoes, he was somewhat anxious, and s.h.i.+fted his foot to the back. However, no matter how he s.h.i.+fted, under the shortened pants, he couldn’t conceal that big toe of his.

Su Luo’s gaze once again landed on the little boy’s face. Looking at his age, this child was definitely no older than ten years of age.

Who would have thought that this poor and embarra.s.sed little boy could have such a pink face that looked like it was carved from jade? Simply owing to experiencing a life of suffering and hards.h.i.+p, this little face was stretched taut into a dead serious expression. It had a little grown-up, mature appearance.

However, this was indeed similar to when a drowsy person was handed a pillow, it was just in time to suit her needs.

Just a moment ago, Su Luo had been pondering how to get a person familiar with this market to take her to the hidden shops in the inner part of the marketplace. The reason was that frequently, only those shops would have stored good quality raw materials for a long time. Those other little small shops were unable to enter her eyes and be deemed as worthwhile.

Right now, it just so happened that the little boy had delivered himself to her door.

However, Su Luo was also not someone who would welcome just anyone. She indifferently took a glance at that little boy and lightly asked: “Why is it that you didn’t join those two? Looking at their appearance, they live a much better life than you.”

Su Luo was referring to those two little boy thieves who had tried to into her before.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 219

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