The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 221

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Chapter 221 – Playing tricks on the pretty­-boy (9)

“Your last name is also Su? Hehe, maybe five hundred years ago, we were from the same family.” Su Luo smiled while patting his shoulder, “Okay, go to the front and lead the way. Today, the time is still early. We should properly roam around this raw materials marketplace.”

“Oh, that’s right. Did you also see my and that brocade-dressed young master’s conflict just a moment ago?” While walking, it seemed Su Luo suddenly thought of something and she carelessly asked this to Su Xiaoyuan.

“Yes, indeed I did see it just now and also recognized that brocade-dressed young master. Does Miss want to ask about his ident.i.ty?” Xiaoyuan asked seriously.

Sure enough, this child was not stupid. With regards to his customers, he filtered them carefully through diligent observation. He did not just recklessly rush up to them to ask.

“Okay, tell me his information.” Su Luo softy said.

He couldn’t make out the client’s mood, so with a firm expression, Xiaoyuan replied: “Speaking of that brocade-dressed young master, his background is indeed very powerful. I heard his last name is Liu. He is the second son of Prime Minister Liu, called Liu Chengfeng. Miss, in the future, you should carefully avoid him a little, reportedly, this person is very petty and will certainly avenge any hatred.”

From his perspective, a son of the Venerable Prime Minister’s family was the highest and most n.o.ble existence. It was an existence that he could only look up at from afar.

Su Luo’s eyebrows rose slightly, Liu Chengfeng? Prime Minister Liu’s family’s second young master?

Prime Minister Liu, these three words, why were they so familiar?

Suddenly, a light bulb went on in Su Luo’s head, finally, the answer appeared.

Liu Ruohua!

Wasn’t Liu Ruohua the third Miss from Prime Minister Liu’s residence? Then wouldn’t Liu Chengfeng be her older brother?

Hehe, sure enough, people marry because they share the same traits. Two of the Prime Minister Liu’s family’s younger generation had become her enemy. It looked like her and the Liu residence were unable to get along.

However, speaking of Liu Ruohua, Su Luo suddenly recalled a matter related to her.

That day when she returned to her own remote courtyard. Su Wan had brought their cheap father and hurriedly arrived. At that time, Su Wan was certain that she hadn’t returned yet. Then, who was it that told Su Wan the news that she still hadn’t returned?

Moreover, how could she confidently say that Su Luo and His Highness Prince Jin went to the Sunset Mountain Range? And also say that she and the Jade Lake’s Fairy had a conflict?

Who was this person…simply someone who called out with such pa.s.sion.

Liu Ruohua, besides her, there simply was no one else.

Hehe, then, the matter of when Su Wan invited the black-clothed hitman to rape her in the middle of the night, to what extent did Liu Ruohua partic.i.p.ate in it? It looked like when she returned, she really needed to properly admire the moon and have a heart to heart talk with Su Wan who was locked in the Clear Thinking Courtyard. Having thought up to here, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted slightly.

Speaking of which, Su Xiaoyuan was indeed the local boss of this area. After seven to eight turns into very small streets, he brought Su Luo to an old street with simple, unadorned, old-fas.h.i.+oned houses.

He pointed to an old-fas.h.i.+oned residence with a courtyard and said to Su Luo: “Miss, this is the home of Elder Chen. Elder Chen’s family’s hidden shop is among the most abundant in supply of raw materials and with the most variety of highest grades material. Naturally, the price is also very high.”

Su Luo’s gaze swept the surroundings once.

This place appeared somewhat remote and desolate. It didn’t look lived-in and very few people pa.s.sed by here. The area had a quiet and deserted appearance.

However. this did give off a little of the atmosphere of a hidden shop.

Just like in Su Luo’s previous world, the most authentic delicious food was not at the noisiest city center, but was often located at unremarkable places. A tourist with a fleeting glance in pa.s.sing and without a person guiding them, often wouldn’t be able to find these places.

Su Xiaoyuan’s little knuckles went ‘knock, knock, knock’ on the door, in a pattern of three long and two short knocks.

Not long after, the door opened with a creaking sound.

At the doorway, a very old face, like the skin of an orange peel, appeared. His entire face was full of wrinkles, with turbid eyes and grizzled hair. He appeared to be an elderly man of eighty or ninety years old.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 221

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