The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 222

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Chapter 222 – Playing tricks on the pretty­-boy (10)

“Uncle Chen, I brought over a customer for you.” Su Xiaoyuan reverently bowed with hands held in front of him. He had a differential expression; his eyes were clear and pure.

Old Chen’s sharp eyes were like the point of a knife launched towards Su Luo, in just that straightforward way, staring at Su Luo.

Su Luo hardly took it lying down and returned the stare. Her back was straight and her gaze was chilly without a single ripple. Her imposing manner was not in the least going to back down.

Both of them stared at each other face-to-face for a long time, neither sides willing to give way.

Finally, it was still Old Chen who lost the staring contest first.

Only, Old Chen neither nodded nor shook his head. He turned around and with hands behind his back, went in. He softly spit out merely three words: “Open the door.”

With this, she had pa.s.sed the test? Su Luo, with a somewhat speechless expression, looked at Su Xiaoyuan.

Up until now, Su Xiaoyuan had been holding his breath, and he was finally able to let it out. He patted his stomach and took a breath, but his smile was radiant: “Let’s go, Uncle Chen agreed to let us go in.”

“This place would actually drive customers away?” Su Luo felt that this was somewhat unfathomable.

Xiaoyuan proudly raised his little head and said to Su Luo: “Of course, Uncle Chen’s temper is eccentric. Normally, he doesn’t like to see strangers, that’s why he is not fond of being bothered by strangers. People who can come here normally are people who had done business with him for a few times and the collaboration was a pleasant one. People like Miss, who is coming here for the first time and is welcomed to go inside are very few, very few.”

“Isn’t it because I relied on your fortune?” Su Luo smilingly replied.

“It’s not, I also brought clients here a few times before, but without exception, they were all driven away by Uncle Chen.” Xiaoyuan’s expression was serious as he continued: “There are three types of people that could enter this courtyard. One type is the business people that had pleasant collaborations with him. Another type is people Uncle Chen say that brought them together through fate. And the last kind is…”

“What is it?” Su Luo curiously asked.

“Foolish spendthrift.” Xiaoyuan covered his mouth as he smilingly responded.

“Foolish spendthrift?” Su Luo had a hard-to-accept expression: “Then you tell me. Do I belong to the second type or the third type?”

Xiaoyuan was all smiles as he glanced at Su Luo: “Older sister, naturally, you are the type which fate brought you together. As for the foolish spendthrift, take him for an example——” Su Xiaoyuan’s finger pointed towards a brocade-dressed pretty-boy youngster. However, when he saw that guy’s face as he turned around, the smile at the corner of his mouth immediately stiffened. It transformed into a sobbing tone: “Miss, I really didn’t do this on purpose…I really didn’t know he would be here….”

The person that scared Xiaoyuan stiff was none other than the person who had wanted to forcefully buy Su Luo’s red-colored crystal stone from before. The brocade-dressed young master who was driven away from the raw materials marketplace by the supervising guards. He was also Liu Ruohua’s older brother, Liu Chengfeng.

Seeing this face, a short saying flashed through Su Luo’s heart: This truly was enemies on the same narrow road. Such a large raw materials marketplace, so many hidden shops, and against all expectations, she once again ran into him.

Now, this Liu Chengfeng young master was right in the middle of cutting a stone, piece by piece.

Su Xiaoyuan saw those stones and couldn’t help stared wide-eyed with a somewhat incredulous expression: “Oh heavens. These source stones are all of the highest grade. Every piece was more than fifty gold, and he actually cut it like cutting a vegetable, cutting randomly and negligently. If he was to break the crystal stone from this cutting method, then it would be a pity.”

A broken crystal stone from cutting would have its spirit force dispersed outwards. If it was not refined for cultivation and following a period of time in postponement, the spirit force would become less and less, until it all fade away. Therefore, the price of a broken piece of crystal stone generally wouldn’t sell for very high.

Su Luo’s hands encircled her arm. She contentedly laid against the mahogany pillar. She indifferently watched as Liu Chengfeng cut the stones.

Now, as for Liu Chengfeng, he still hadn’t discovered Su Luo’s presence. His entire attention was concentrated on the source stone in his hand.

Seeing piece after piece of source stone, he was full of hope, but after cutting it open, it had thoroughly disappointed him, and an angry expression flashed across Liu Chengfeng’s face.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 222

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