The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 – Playing tricks on the pretty-­­boy (11)

Liu Chengfeng’s luck didn’t seem to be very good. He had cut nine source stones in a row, without even mentioning higher grade crystal stones, even red-colored crystal stones hadn’t appeared.

Now, placed in front of Liu Chengfeng was an oval-shaped source stone about the size of a soccer ball. Just looking at its exterior, it should perform very well. There were spots and snake-like stripes, clearly labeling it as having great potential to produce a crystal stone. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been picked by Liu Chengfeng. .

Only, didn’t know if the inside was as promised.

After all, regarding the human race, even if they were the most formidable experts, they still weren’t able to penetrate through the outer layer of the source stone to determine what’s inside.

This was the last piece of source stone he had purchased.

Liu Chengfeng was hesitantly holding the source stone, uncertain where he should start cutting. He measured the stone up, down, left and right, he was reluctant to start cutting.

Today, he had spent one thousand gold coins and had carefully selected these ten lumps of source stones. However, after cutting the preceding nine stones, they had all contained nothing but waste materials. If this last piece still didn’t succeed, then his ten thousand gold coins had only bought the sound of water floating away.

One thousand gold coins, that was equal to ten thousand silver coins. Even though he, Liu Chengfeng, was the second son from the most n.o.ble Prime Minister’s family, this amount of money was also not something he could easily throw around.

Now, Liu Chengfeng was undoubtedly nervous and apprehensive. He laid down the stone cutting knife and from the side, took out a sharpening knife. He carefully and gently started from the left, slowly following along the direction of the snake-like banding polis.h.i.+ng into the stone.

After polis.h.i.+ng the stone for about ten minutes, Liu Chengfeng clearly became somewhat impatient. He directly changed back to the stone cutting knife and without gesturing, he immediately cut down in the middle, starting to slice towards the sides.

A “crack” sound echoed, the source stone split down the middle into two pieces. The cut was neat, even and smooth as if it was tofu. It was a pity that the inside was all greyish-white, not even the shadow of a crystal stone could be seen.

“Bang!” Liu Chengfeng angrily threw down the stone cutting knife. His eyes just happened to catch sight of Su Luo who was directly facing him, with a smile that was not quite a smile.

Enemies meeting on the same narrow road.

When enemies came face-to-face, their eyes blazed with hatred.

Even more so when meeting under these kind of circ.u.mstances.

“It’s you——” Liu Chengfeng recognized Su Luo with one glance. A pair of darkened eyes now were covered with even more haze. They glared at Su Luo with a very vicious and cold expression.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into an unsympathetic smile, her eyebrows rose slightly and she carelessly said: “Yes, it’s this lady, what are you going to do about it?”

Liu Chengfeng hadn’t had a chance to speak before the doglike lacky at his side had already rushed forward. He arrogantly said to Su Luo: “Do you know the status of our young master? You actually dare to use this kind of att.i.tude to speak to our family’s young master?”

Such a minor servant, Su Luo didn’t feel like wasting words on him and directly ignored him. She merely shook her head and looked down upon Liu Chengfeng. “Second young master Liu’s luck, tsk, tsk, tsk….”

“Shut up!” Just now, Liu Chengfeng’s mood was not so good, and to also be confronted with Su Luo’s taunting banter, a ball of fire combusted into a raging flame in his heart.

“This is the Chen residence, not your Liu residence. Put away your son of Prime Minister’s behavior, unless you’re not afraid of losing face.” Su Luo leisurely said while sitting on a deck chair under a wisteria tree on the side. Her gaze indifferently swept a glance at Liu Chengfeng. The expression in her eyes was full of disregard.

Liu residence, the Prime Minister’s son…As it turned out, she actually knew he was Prime Minister Liu’s family’s second young master. Then, why would she dare to act this way towards him? What was her background? Where did she get the confidence to dare disregard himself in this way? Liu Chengfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly, a thread of stunned surprise flashed through his eyes.

Right now, Su Luo was stroking the little divine dragon who was sleeping charmingly and naively in her lap.

The little divine dragon wasn’t even a little bit conscious of his n.o.bleness as a golden divine dragon. He was sprawled on his back, laying down in Su Luo’s lap. His little belly swelled and released continuously, while a thread of saliva hung at the corner of his mouth. Evidently, he was in a deep sleep.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 223

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