The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 233

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Chapter 233 – Speechless on the spot (6)

“Those seven pieces of source stones should help you earn enough profit. Why are you still following me?” Su Luo unhappily glared at him. She used her maximum lung capacity and yelled out loud: “Uncle Chen, Liu Chengfeng would not abide by the rules for gambling stones. You should come over quickly and take care of this!”

Liu Chengfeng was so angry that he almost sprained his neck. This loathsome girl really thought that Old Chen was her real uncle, for her to even call him over?

However, Old Chen, who usually appeared and disappeared unpredictably, actually really did show up this time. His pair of dark moody eyes gazed at Liu Chengfeng with deadly stillness. His voice was stern and cold: “Not abiding by the rules, then get lost.”

Afterwards, under Liu Chengfeng’s incredulous gaze, Old Chen once again quietly and lacking any interest, disappeared.

“……”Liu Chengfeng opened and closed his mouth and choked back his saliva with great difficulty. His gaze slowly s.h.i.+fted up to Su Luo’s face. Could this loathsome girl and Old Chen really have a previous relations.h.i.+p?”

“Humph.” Su Luo enthusiastically swept him a glance. She picked up a few lumps of source stones. After she paid gold coins for them, she placed them in front of the stone cutting tools and started to cut the stones.

Right now, the time of the day was still early. However, a few frequent visitors also came to Old Chen’s residence. Gradually, the surroundings started to become livelier.

Su Luo took the cutting tools with her own hands and then fixed the source stone in place. She didn’t expend much strength before removing the outer layer of the stone. The stone now was a s.h.i.+ning white color without any marks, indicating that it could have a crystal stone inside.

Su Luo’s expression was the same as before as she unhurriedly continued to cut the stone.

In Old Chen’s place, very few people would cut open a source stone. Su Luo’s actions immediately attracted a crowd of people to come over. Gradually, she was surrounded by a group of people.

Liu Chengfeng’s attention was also attracted to Su Luo who was cutting stones on the side. He couldn’t help joining the crowd around her and surrept.i.tiously watched her.

He felt that this loathsome girl’s luck was extremely good. Maybe this time, she would cut out a high grade crystal stone again.

When Su Luo saw Liu Chengfeng’s silhouette from the corner of her eyes, her eyes dropped down. n.o.body paid attention to that unfathomable and obscure deep meaning in her eyes.

Kao Pi (1) crystal stone. The piece of source stone in Su Luo’s hand definitely contained a crystal stone. However, it was the lowest grade of crystal stone called Kao Pi crystal stone.

Kao Pi crystal stone, as its name implied, was a crystal stone with just a very thin layer under the surface of the source stone. Beneath the thin layer of crystal stone, the inside was empty of any crystal stone. This type of Kao Pi crystal stone was used to cheat and fool people. .

Before, Su Luo had originally fancied this piece of source stone, however, then the little divine dragon said ‘Kao Pi crystal stone’, these four words, to her. Just these four words immediately made Su Luo change her plans. Since this Kao Pi crystal stone was used to cheat people, then not to defraud Liu Chengfeng, this kind of foolish spendthrift, who else would she save it for?

Therefore Su Luo decided to cut the source stone containing the Kao Pi crystal stone open at the scene.

Based on the little divine dragon’s directions, Su Luo slowly cut away at it using the stone cutting tool. Cut after cut.

This source stone in front of her was worth five thousand gold coins, and she was treating it as if it was an ordinary stone. One could see that her hands were as firm and steady as a boulder; with speed that was fast as the wind; gentle and beautiful movements that were natural and unforced. Her hands didn’t tremble even a tiny bit.

Su Luo’s slender and pale fingers lifted up the thin outer layer that was cut open.

Everyone followed her gaze and looked at that source stone. Seeing what was underneath, suddenly, everyone inhaled a deep breath in shock——


What was happening here?

A crystal stone appeared. This was for certain. However, unexpectedly, it was actually a cyan-colored crystal stone!

Wasn’t this young lady’s luck rather too good? Cyan-colored crystal stone, ah! How precious was this? Hadn’t it been awhile since news of cutting out a cyan-colored crystal stone in the imperial capital came out?

Momentarily, everyone’s mouth was open wide, their expression when looking at Su Luo was as if they had seen a ghost. For a very long time, they were stunned and couldn’t return back to reality.

1) ?? Kao Pi – Is the Chinese spelling meaning thin layer like sheepskin or leather. The author is describing a paper thin layer made of crystal stone with nothing inside. So when you cut it open it looks like it could be a solid crystal stone but inside there is nothing.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 233

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