The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 234

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Chapter 234 – Speechless on the spot (7)

As Liu Chengfeng’s pair of eyes watched Su Luo, he almost spit out blood.

This, this loathsome girl, how could she be so great! Just a minute ago, she had cut out a cyan-colored crystal stone, now once again. it was a cyan-colored crystal stone. She, she, she… In front of her, could these crystal stones be merely cabbages in the field that she could randomly pick one and find one?

Right now, Liu Chengfeng was so envious that he almost spit out some blood.

Even Old Chen, whose movements were always mysterious, had now quietly appeared behind Su Luo. He gazed at Su Luo’s figure with a complicated expression.

The area that was cut open wasn’t big, to say it more accurately, it only exposed a section that was the size of a baby’s palm. However, that cyan-colored radiance that everyone would be delighted with, seemed to gush out. It was clear and sparkling, with a rich spirit power that refreshed the mind.

“Thirty thousand gold!” n.o.body knew who first yelled out this sentence from the crowd.

That person, while speaking, was also trying to squeeze into the crowd with all his might. The government official’s hat on his head had become somewhat askew when he finally squeezed to Su Luo’s side. Without saying a word, he squatted down to carefully observe that piece of source stone.

Yes, no doubt about it. This spirit power that could refresh the mind couldn’t possibly be faked. It undoubtedly was a cyan-colored crystal stone. .

Right now, Su Luo had only cut out a little piece, what was hidden inside the source stone behind this section, n.o.body knew. So this Old Li person started to bid without delay. Because, once Su Luo cut out a complete piece of crystal stone, then its worth would basically be hard to predict.

However, n.o.body present at the scene was a fool.

Since Old Li could see though the situation, how could they also not understand? What was more, it resembled a cyan-colored crystal stone. This kind of high grade crystal stone, on this continent, was always a commodity in high demand. Something that was rarely discovered but highly sought after, with a matching pricelessness in the market. .

“Forty thousand gold!” Another person did his best to squeeze into the crowd towards Su Luo while loudly shouting out a price, “Little Miss, this old man will give you forty thousand gold, do you want to sell it?”

“Forty-four thousand gold!” Before Su Luo could respond, another person followed closely behind with another offer.

“Forty-five thousand gold!” Immediately, another person rushed in with a bid.

“Forty-six thousand gold!”

“Fifty thousand gold!” Old Li clapped his hands and loudly shouted out, “Everyone, cutting out a cyan-colored crystal stone, the market price is set at fifty thousand gold. This hasn’t been completely cut out, n.o.body knows what’s in there. It’s best that everyone doesn’t let their emotions affect their decisions.”

From the corner of her eyes, Su Luo glanced at Liu Chengfeng, who was standing on the side with an excitement-filled expression. The corner of her mouth hooked up slightly.

Liu Chengfeng, just waiting for you to bid. While thinking this, Su Luo followed the previous cut and took another slice along the side.

After the knife sliced down, lifting up that small piece of the outer layer, indeed, it was still a cyan-colored crystal stone.

Momentarily, everyone become excited. They became impa.s.sioned and created a commotion.

Yes, it really was a cyan-colored crystal stone! It was absolutely not wrong! Since this slice could cut out a cyan-colored crystal stone, then naturally. the next cut would also have it!

Su Luo saw Liu Chengfeng’s pair of eyes emitting a red light. Both of his hands were tightly clenched into fists. He was excited until his heart was bursting with joy.

Good, very good, Liu Chengfeng, the person I want to defraud is none other than you, come quickly.

Not outside of Su Luo’s expectations, Liu Chengfeng walked towards Su Luo with large strides. He took a quick glance at that cyan-colored crystal stone and straightaway opened his mouth to say: “Eighty thousand gold coins!”

The market price of a cyan-colored crystal stone was originally fifty thousand gold. However now, Liu Chengfeng had forcibly raised the price to eighty thousand. This made everyone look at each other in dismay for a moment.

Old Li frowned. After carefully examining that opening again, he clenched his teeth and announced another price: “ninety thousand gold coins.”

Liu Chengfeng arrogantly raised his chin: “A cyan-colored crystal stone is rarely found and much sought after. I, Liu Chengfeng, representing Prime Minister Liu’s residence, bid one hundred thousand gold!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 234

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