The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 241

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Chapter 241 – Speechless on the spot (14)

“You…”His throat was cut, so he couldn’t sound out half a word. He could only use a resentful and unreconciled gaze to stare at Su Luo. His body fell heavily backwards, producing a violent sound when it struck the ground.

A third ranked martial artist, just like this, was killed by Su Luo’s sneak attack.

“Third Brother (1)!” A loud shout coming from behind Su Luo could be heard. In a flash, that short guy rushed over, looking on with disbelief at his third brother who was on the ground, with blood gus.h.i.+ng out of his throat.

“Loathsome girl, you dare to deceive me! And to also kill Third Brother! Go die!” The short guy was extremely irate, his hands moved in a complicated fighting style, hacking towards Su Luo. It was combative, and each move was meant to take a life.

Just now, the crystal stone Su Luo had tossed far away was simply not a cyan colored one, but merely a red-colored crystal stone. However, it had successfully diverted the short guy away.

Black fog shrouded the sky, covering Su Luo underneath it, letting out rumbling sounds.

Just at this time, Su Luo made her move. A large, gold-colored palm slapped towards the short guy’s head.

“Just relying on this poor hand imprint technique, and you dare to come out, really disgraceful!” The short guy didn’t really think that Su Luo’s great dimensional imprint was worthy in his eyes. His body only moved slightly and he was able to avoid it.

However, who would have thought that this was merely Su Luo’s fake maneuver.

Just at this time, a black shadow suddenly leaped towards the black-clothed man. He fiercely bit into the guy’s leg!

“Ahhh!!!” The short guy let out a tragic cry.

Because the little divine dragon was really too ruthless. Just that one bite of his had broken the short guy’s leg in half!

He was only left with one leg standing on the ground, resisting the sharp pain. The longsword in his hand harshly sliced at Su Luo!

Today, even if he was to die here, he must first avenge Third Brother! Third Brother absolutely must not just die in vain like this!

However, what made the short guy almost pa.s.s out was that he never antic.i.p.ated that the speed of the puppy that bit him would be this fast. He wasn’t aware when that little body had landed on the longsword he sent out.

Just when the longsword was about to land on the opponent’s body——

Eh, the longsword had already disappeared.

How could the longsword just suddenly disappear?

The short guy’s eyes were wide open in disbelief. He was totally and completely unable to imagine this…what did he just see? He actually saw a puppy laying on the sword and swallowing the longsword in a split second.

Just when the short guy was at a loss, Su Luo’s great dimensional imprint once again smashed down from above.

“Bang!” The unprepared short guy’s head was split open, blood violently bursting out.

Now, the short guy seemed to have recovered his thoughts. Even though he had difficulty moving about freely, however, his movements were still nimble. He took out a murderous-looking dagger from his boot and thrusted it towards Su Luo,

Just at this time, the little divine dragon that was standing on Su Luo’s shoulder puffed out a mouthful of Dragon’s Breath——

Good! Su Luo let out an enthusiastic shout. Once a Dragon’s Breath went over, would there be anything left of this short guy? Didn’t you see the b.u.t.terfly that was turned into ashes by a puff of the little divine dragon’s Dragon’s Breath?

However, in the next second, Su Luo’s smile froze on her mouth.


What was the little divine dragon doing?

How was it that this time, what he sprayed out wasn’t fire? But was ——water?

Having his head sprayed with water, the short guy stared at the little puppy as if looking at a ghost. He really did not understand just what kind of creature it was? What other mystical thing was on this creature’s body?

Could it be that the little puppy was also a water element pract.i.tioner? Was this still a dog? It simply had become a mythical spirit!

At this moment, Su Luo almost lifted her face up to shout at the sky: “Please! Puffing out water is useless. You must use fire, FIRE!”

1) ?? – literally translated as Old Three, I translated here as Third Brother because that should be their relations.h.i.+p. So he should be the older brother, not necessarily blood-related, could be just good friends or had the same teacher.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 241

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