The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 244

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Chapter 244 – Fleeing from the city center (3)

Su Luo didn’t go out from the front door, rather, she opened a window. She leaped from her window, to the opposite room about six meters away.

Her skills were agile with nimble movements. Her actions were natural and unforced, flowing smoothly.

A scholar lived in the room opposite of her. Now, he was rotating his head in a circular motion while reading a book of history out loud; completely unaware that a person had burst into his room.

Su Luo softened her footsteps, noiselessly making a detour around the scholar. Afterwards, with a calm expression, she opened the door of the room and walked out.

During this process, she was at ease, as if strolling through her own rear garden.

The martial artist keeping a watch at Su Luo’s door was completely unaware that Su Luo had already left. He was like before, with both hands holding a sword, keeping watch as still as a boulder.

After about a quarter of an hour later, Liu Chengfeng led a crowd of people over in a grandiose fas.h.i.+on. With one foot, he kicked open the door of her room and discovered that the person had already disappeared.

Liu Chengfeng was so furious that he almost stamped his feet. One hand slapped towards the guy who had followed Su Luo before: “Moron! Didn’t you say you followed her here? Where is the person? Where is she?!”

In that loathsome girl’s hands was a cyan-colored crystal stone! Moreover today, he had been cheated repeatedly by her. He wasn’t about to let this account go! He definitely wouldn’t let her escape just like this!

The person who was previously following Su Luo was called Liu San, he was the Liu family’s high-ranking bodyguard.

He looked at the empty room in disbelief, and at a loss, said: “Young Master, before, that loathsome girl had really stayed in this room! I merely didn’t expect that girl to be this cunning, to even slip away unnoticed!”

However, when did that loathsome girl slip away?

“Slip away? Hehe, she really believes that she could slip away?” A cold smile appeared at the corner of Liu Chengfeng’s mouth. With a wave of his hand, a servant immediately came forth, carrying a soft-furred Fox dog.

Liu Chengfeng took out a single strand of hair and let the Fox dog sniff it. He also gave a single medicinal pill for the Fox dog to swallow. Finally, he laughed evilly while patting its head: “Be obedient, quickly go find this person for this lord! After you find her, I will reward you well!”

That single strand of hair was one he had pulled from Su Luo’s head when she wasn’t paying attention. Because he didn’t pluck it out from the root, so Su Luo simply didn’t discover it.

In fact, since the beginning, he hadn’t thought to let Su Luo leave.

The Fox dog before everyone’s eyes couldn’t be bought for one thousand gold. Its strength lay in its very sharp sense of smell. After eating the Smell-Enhancing pill, a Fox dog’s sense of smell would be increased by tenfold. And now, because Liu Chengfeng wanted to catch Su Luo, he had actually fed the spirit Fox dog a Smell-Enhancing pill that was extremely hard to come by. It could clearly be seen how great his determination to catch Su Luo was.

After the Fox dog devoured that Smell-Enhancing pill in one mouthful, its very small body ran all over the place in the room. Seeming as if it was constantly looking for something.

Suddenly, one could only see its small body launch towards the window facing this room.

It really did find Su Luo’s escape route!

“Give chase!” Liu Chengfeng’s mouth hooked into an evil smile. He waved his hand and everyone immediately followed behind him, this grandiose crowd chased after the Fox dog.

On the street, having thrown off the person following her, Su Luo hadn’t returned to Su Manor in a rush. The her right now just so happened to be leisurely strolling in the street, enjoying the city center of this world.

All of a sudden, she sensed danger approaching, moreover, it was getting closer and closer.

She turned her head and looked back, she immediately thought, not good!

With just one glance, she saw Liu Chengfeng bringing a group of strong and menacing people and rus.h.i.+ng towards her. Also, running in front of everyone was a small Fox dog.

Originally, Su Luo was very calm, because now she did not look the same as before. Even if she stood in front of Liu Chengfeng, he might not be able to recognize her.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 244

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