The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 259

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Chapter 259 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (10)

Watching the scene of Nangong Liuyun’s back as he took large strides to walk away, Su Luo’s hands clenched tightly into fists.

She knew, her split second of hesitation hurt him. However, was she wrong?

If Nangong Liuyun was simply Nangong Liuyun, based on him protecting her and her trust in him,there shouldn’t be a lot of misunderstandings and doubt between them.

However, in reality, facts weren’t always that simple.

At least from what she knew, that Jade Lake’s fairy could influence Nangong Liuyun…Even though he knew the other party sent people to chase after her to kill her, he was still able to fool her without changing his expression. This kind of him, how could he ask her to bet all her trust on him?

She could believe him, but she could not guarantee her secrets between Nangong Liuyun and the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Therefore, in order to protect herself, she hold to fast to her secret. This way, she wasn’t wrong… She shouldn’t have done something wrong right?

The great bathing hall had a dense mist with rising steam. Taking into account Su Luo’s current mood, the dense layers of mist confused her and she couldn’t find a way out.

Since her fake ident.i.ty was already unmasked by Nangong, she didn’t need to act as a fawning lowly servant again. Now, there was have no need for her to stay at Prince Jin’s Royal Manor.

Su Luo shook her head to wake herself up, afterwards, she began to tidy up her own clothing.

Here, there weren’t any women’s clothing, just Nangong Liuyun’s s.p.a.cious embroidered robe.

No choice, Su Luo could only wear his clothes for now.

The clothes were made from the highest quality of heavenly silk. It was extremely soft and silky. Furthermore, it contained a little of the warmth that belonged only to him.

Su Luo felt somewhat uncomfortable, but since the situation that appeared now was like this, so she could only leave it as it is.

After she put on a hat, Su Luo directly walked towards the exit. However, before she could walk out of Nangong Liuyun’s Manor, she was stopped by the people at the gate.

At the manor gate, stood a row of armored guards. Every one of them had a dense cold and harsh expression, giving off a powerful deterrent force.

“Miss, please stop.” The chief guard among them said coldly with a solemn expression.

“I want to go out now.” Su Luo frowned, why could she not go out? Who set up this rule?

Daring to directly say His Highness Prince Jin’s real name that was a taboo? The chief guard stared at Su Luo with alarm and trepidation. His face revealed nothing but merely blocked her path: “ Without His Highness’s orders, people without tasks and such are not allowed to come and go from the manor as they please. Please, Miss Su, don’t make things difficult for us.”

Su Luo smiled: “ Didn’t I, a person without anything to do, just come in? Now I want to go out, please step aside. I don’t want to make things difficult for you people.”

The chief guard’s face was grave, not tolerant of any haggling: “Without His Highness’s written order, n.o.body could come and go as they please. Miss Su, you had better go back. If you insist on going out, then you only need to get His Highness’s written order.”

If she could get Nangong Liuyun’s written order, then why would she come here to try her luck? Simpleton!

Su Luo secretly grinded her teeth!

When she entered, she was disguised as a lowly manservant, now going out, she had changed back to her real appearance. If it weren’t for Nangong Liuyun letting them know earlier, how could the chief guard recognize her?

And to still say this wasn’t a sly plot by Nangong Liuyun?

“If I insist on leaving, will you people use force?” Su Luo glowered at them coldly.

“Then we could only offend, we will personally knock you unconscious and drag you back to deliver you to His Highness Prince Jin.” The chief guard lowered his eyes but responded matter-of-factly. Moreover, his att.i.tude appeared to be very firm.

Knocked unconscious, then dragged back to be handed to his Highness Prince Jin? Su Luo was so furious she made a fist!

Without strength, then she couldn’t be firm! Even such a small captain of the guard could firmly say out loud to knock her unconscious, such disgraceful words!

Su Luo pointed at them, practically fuming with rage between gritted teeth: “Don’t you people know, you must never casually offend a woman!”

“Don’t know!” The guards said in unison!

Su Luo almost fell over!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 259

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