The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (13)

“Situation?” Su Luo frowned and didn’t speak further.

“Okay, put yourself in his shoes and think it over. If you were that despicable boy from the Liu family, right, what would you do afterwards?” Nangong Liuyun’s warm and heated breath puffed out near Su Luo’s sensitive ear, messing with Su Luo until she started to itch from the bottom of her heart.

Su Luo pushed that handsome face far, far away, and lowered her head to start pondering this deeply.

If she was Liu Chengfeng, since he had set down such a huge capital to track her, then he definitely wouldn’t give up so easily. Since he had clearly followed the other party along and knew that she had entered Prince Jin’s Royal Manor, then….

Su Luo suddenly lifted her head, unaware that Nangong Liuyun was in the process of moving closer to her.

The ‘bang’ sound rang loudly.

Su Luo’s forehead hit Nangong Liuyun’s nose, it became so sore that the rim of his eyes was slightly red.

Su Luo’s heart was remorseful, feeling embarra.s.sed, she helped him ma.s.sage his nose: “You…nothing wrong right? Is it serious?”

Seldom would she get to see Nangong Liuyun suffer defeat in front of her. On her face, her expression was worried, but her heart was already flipping over in laughter.

“It’s important, very important! It’s serious, very serious!” Nangong covered his nose and swept a glance at her with a plaintive expression.

Hearing this, Su Luo rightfully smiled coldly. She never thought that His Highness Prince Jin would act like a child and throw a tantrum. It was indeed really amusing.

She was seldom in such a good mood, so she used a happy voice to coax him: “Then you say, what should we do?”

“Help me blow on it.” Nangong Liuyun wrinkled his brows, pointed to his red and swollen nose.

Just a moment ago, when she saw the nose, it wasn’t this red, pretend, pretend, continue pretending. Su Luo very disdainfully swept a glance at him and said: “Is His Highness Prince Jin still a child? You actually believe this stuff? Just blowing on it and it would heal?”

Really naive just like a little kid, wasn’t he afraid that people would laugh at him.

Sure enough, that circle of servants, each and every one of them had bowed their head with eyes lowered, their faces were red from restraining their laughter.

With one sweep of His Highness Prince Jin’s eyes, immediately, it was as if the hottest days of summer were covered with snow and frost. Their expressions all of sudden became frozen stiff. Every one of their heads lowered in shame, an appearance of being stiff and not daring to move. They didn’t even dare to breathe.

Supreme dominance! Power was authority! Su Luo silently cursed in her heart, she sincerely sympathized with the servants standing on the side. To have to wait upon His Highness who was Satan-like, with temperamental and indeterminate gloomy mood swings. Weren’t their toil way too hard?

Unexpectedly, when Nangong LIuyun turned his head towards her, he looked lost with a pitiful expression. He accusingly looked at her: “Painful, it really is very painful!”

Such a childish manner! Su Luo bit down on her teeth, she really wanted to shake off this pretending-to-be-adorable His Highness Prince Jin. However, once her eyes met that pair of limpid, misty and lovely pair of eyes, she was defeated in a moment.

“Okay! Help you blow on it, I’ll help you blow on it!” Su Luo distastefully cast him a glance, with one hand pulling his hand away from his nose. She stooped down, took a deep breath and blew on his nose.

She perfunctorily blew on his nose two times, then with one hand, she pushed him away and bluntly stood up saying: “Is it okay now?”

“You are not taking responsibility.” Nangong Liuyun had an accusing expression while covering his nose. When he said this, his posture was like that of a spoiled child.

“How am I not being responsible?” Su Luo had an expression full of misgivings.

Nangong Liuyun really did immediately sit down, looking at Su Luo: “Shouldn’t you be cupping the other’s face, speaking softly and comforting me? Afterwards, shouldn’t you tenderly and softly blow on it?”

This kind of Nangong Liuyun really made her feel like wanting to weep but lacking the tears. Su Luo let out a loud yell: “You really have too many requests!”

Nanong Liuyun’s face had an innocent expression, half-reclining on the chair made of red sandalwood. He glanced at Su Luo and leisurely said: “The other stuff, I won’t demand it from you. However, you should at least blow on it a few more times, right? This is the most basic thing and you weren’t able to complete it.”

When he said this, he actually had an appearance of being somewhat wronged.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 262

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