The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 274

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Chapter 274 – Romance in Prince Jin’s Manor (10)

“Princess, these account books…” There were many account books, it was very heavy, and the six servants carrying them were panting. Their hands and foot swung to and fro, but without Su Luo’s orders, they simply wouldn’t dare to put down these account books.

Su Luo snorted heavily: “What princess? Don’t just shout out something erroneously. Don’t you know it will ruin a person’s innocence?”

“Yes, without His Highness’s command, we wouldn’t dare to call out inappropriate names.” The six servants replied in unison, “However…imperial concubine princess, these account books…”

Su Luo simply had nothing more to say. They had just agreed to not shout out t.i.tles erroneously. What did these mouths call her again?

“Move all of these account books out, who likes to look at them, then let them look at it. In any case, I won’t look at them.” Su Luo impatiently waved her hand, it was not like she was Princess Jin. Why should she become a stand-in and help him take care of the miscellaneous stuff in the manor?

The six servants’ gaze simultaneously looked at Ling Feng.

Ling Feng waved his hand, indicating that they should leave.

The six servants uniformly bowed and said to Su Luo in unison: “We solemnly comply with Princess’s orders. Us servants ask to be excused.”

Su Luo was about to scowl at them.

Without waiting for her to flare-up, the six servants, carrying the account books which were half a person in height, quickly slipped away. Where was that trembling and swaying that they had before, a feeling as if they were frail and about to fall over any second?

Su Luo inevitably was dumbfounded. This Prince Jin’s Royal Manor, every single one of the servants all had practiced the martial arts move Ling Bo Wei Bu, right? How could their kung fu skill at running for their life be this powerful?

“Princess…” Ling Feng said one sentence and was interrupted by Su Luo’s wave of a hand.

Su Luo snappily glared at him: “What? Even you have come to make fun of me?”

“Wouldn’t dare.” Even though Ling Feng claimed that he wouldn’t dare, his indifferent expression still didn’t have a trace of humility that a bodyguard ought to have.

Su Luo’s eyebrow rose slightly, she smiled faintly while casting Ling Feng a quick glance. She calmly said with a slight antic.i.p.ation: “That’s right, Ling Feng, do you still remember the last time we made a bet?”

She did not believe that even this wouldn’t scare Ling Feng into leaving.

Sure enough, Ling Feng’s expression immediately changed. He anxiously looked at Su Luo, saying: “The fourth Miss Su should play nicely in this manor. All of a sudden, I remembered before His Highness left, he had instructed me to handle a few things that were urgent. Thus, I ask to be excused first.”

“Hey, the last time’s bet was about——” Su Luo hadn’t finished speaking before Ling Feng’s figure had already disappeared from inside the room. His speed was as fast as lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Seeing Ling Feng’s scared and anxious rear view fleeing, Su Luo let out a “pffft’ sound of laughter.

Last time, because they had urgently needed green-colored crystal stones to save Nangong Liuyun, in a moment of desperation, Ling Feng had made a bet with Su Luo. If she could collect all fifty or equivalent green-colored crystal stones, then Ling Feng would go and become her personal bodyguard.

The result was that she naturally won the bet, however Ling Feng, this a.s.shole, seemed as if he had completely forgotten about this bet. His face was as taut as before and continued to ignore paying this bet, coming and going freely.

The people inside the room had all fled, leaving only Su Luo behind, by herself.

Here was the inside of Nangong Liuyun’s study, normally, other people were not allowed to enter. Only Su Luo was not subjected to this restriction.

On top of the bookshelf were rows and rows of books.

Su Luo, who was deeply bored, picked up a book in pa.s.sing. She swept a glance at the cover and it was actually «Elementary Apothecary Book».

In a split second, Su Luo’s eyes suddenly shone brightly.

She still remembered that before, inside Elder Zi Huo’s cave dwelling, she obtained that book that all the Apothecaries in the world dreamed of finding, the «Obscure Pill Recipes».

That «Obscure Pill Recipes» was Elder Zi Huo’s personal work. It recorded his lifetime’s knowledge and experience in refining pills from recipes. Inside, it also contained an appendix with Primeval Pill Recipes that had already been lost in this era.

It was a pity that although «Obscure Pill Recipes» was great, yet, it ended up in Su Luo’s hands.

During that time, Elder Zi Huo was the continent’s only Grandmaster level Apothecary. His level was so high that people could only look up with admiration, wors.h.i.+p and deep reverence, making it hard for people to forget this predecessor.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 274

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