The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 290

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Chapter 290 – To come knocking for a fight (7)

Liu family’s Elder Ancestor originally was just about to burst with rage. After having heard what was said, all of a sudden, he quivered from head to toe.

What? It was actually Liu Chengfeng who had personally sold the source stone to this youngster? This was not possible!

Elder Ancestor Liu’s eyes was like electricity as it shot towards Liu Chengfeng. Liu Chengfeng’s heart was extremely nervous. He was one of the people involved, how could he not know the truth?

Under Elder Ancestor Liu’s menacing gaze, Liu Chengfeng’s tough att.i.tude rose as he very fiercely glared at Su Luo: “At that time when I had cut it in half, if it was not for your puppy that came and urinated on it, how could I have sold you a source stone that I had only cut in half? Stop dreaming!”

Su Luo carelessly said: “At that time, who was it that had spent one hundred gold coins to buy a source stone? You obviously had already cut it in half, but because of my spirit pet urinating on it, you forced me to spend one thousand gold coins to buy it? Liu Chengfeng, don’t tell me you have amnesia and don’t remember these things.”

So as it turned out, there was this part of the whole story, Nangong Liuyun, having heard what was said, in his heart he secretly felt that this was laughable.

The matters on this earth, the first time was a coincidence, but the second time might not be.

A little spirit pet, for no rhyme or reason, would go pee on it? Liu Chengfeng wanted to extort Luo girl using blackmail, but instead, he lost a watermelon when picking up a sesame seed. Where would there be such a coincidence in this world? Through his understanding of Luo girl, if you were to say that this trap was not planned by her, he would never believe it.

However, just for this reason, he liked his family’s Luo girl more and more. She was smart, two-faced, cunning and treacherous, practically identical to him. On this earth, he would never find another young lady like her that fit him so perfectly.

A myriad train of thoughts were going through Nangong Liuyun’s mind. The only thing left in Liu family’s Elder Ancestor’s brain was rage.

“Grandpa…it’s not! It’s not like that!” How could Liu Chengfeng admit that he had wanted to extort the other party through blackmail, but instead the other party succeeded, this kind of meaning? He grasped hold of and pulled at the corner of Liu Potian’s clothing, almost kneeling, “Grandpa, this clearly is a plan he set up from the start. Otherwise, if everything was fine, then why would that little puppy run over and p.i.s.s over it!”

Liu Potian usually had a condescending and arrogant temper, and he was most biased when covering up errors, to the point where you simply could not reason with him.

One could see him coldly snorting repeatedly: “Since that is the case, then also offer up that puppy. One thousand gold coins was it, Chengfeng, give him one thousand gold coins.”

When Liu Chengfeng saw his grandfather with this kind of att.i.tude, he promptly straightened his back. He smugly took out a small bag of gold coins from his chest pouch and threw it at Su Luo. Afterwards, he stretched out his hand: “Take it, in here is about one thousand gold coins, let you off lightly. Quickly return the cyan-colored crystal back to me! Furthermore, also hand over that vile puppy!”

Su Luo looked at Liu Chengfeng as if looking at an idiot.

This person’s head was ill right? First, not even mentioning the cyan-colored crystal stone which was worth fifty thousand gold coins, just considering her little divine dragon, he was a priceless treasure. Even if you sell off the entire capital of Eastern Ling Empire, it was not enough to quell the Venerable divine dragon’s anger. This Liu Chengfeng had actually only taken out a thousand gold coins, and wanted to obtain both the cyan-colored crystal stone and the little divine dragon?

Should it be said that he had an illness or that he was delusional?

Su Luo sneered as the corner of her mouth lifted: “One thousand gold coins? What is it for? Money to buy tea as an offer of apology?”

“Hey, a word of advice to you, don’t go too far. This sky in Prince Jin’s Royal Manor might not be able to cover the top of your head forever.” Liu Chengfeng’s threat was already exceptionally clear.

Nangong Liuyun single-handedly held Su Luo in his arms. He unsympathetically cast him a sidelong glance: “This king’s people, you are certain you want to move against?”

If he were to move, Nangong Liuyun absolutely would make him forever lose that chance to go against Su Luo, even before he started to move.

Liu Chengfeng’s heart was immediately startled!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 290

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