The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 301

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Chapter 301 – Returning to Su Manor (1)

There were actually people who took out a dish to start betting on His Highness Prince Jin and the seventh rank Liu Elder Ancestor from Liu family, to see who would win and who would lose.

On account of His Highness Prince Jin’s many years prestige and being a super gifted genius’ fame–

The overwhelming majority of people bet that His Highness Prince Jin would win.

As a result, people who bet money, people who didn’t bet, those that were enjoying watching a show, everyone, without exception, all crowded on the street where Prince Jin’s Royal Manor was. All of them surrounded the safe area three hundred meters outside of the residence, animatedly waiting to watch the show.

Sure enough, as they had expected, not long after, the Elder Ancestor from the Liu family, who had come to the gate in a rage, ready to go all out in a battle, was unexpectedly carried by people and thrown out. At the same time, they also threw out the second young master from the Liu family who had strutted around the imperial capital backed by his family’s influence.


When they saw the Liu family’s grandfather and grandson pair again, the crowd of people watching all inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Tragic, simply too tragic.

The Liu Family’s Elder Ancestor’s clothing around his chest area was covered in blood. His complexion was as pale as paper, with both hands trembling and shaking. He was tossed to the ground and couldn’t even crawl up. This person was actually a seventh rank, ah! A grand and majestic seventh rank expert was actually tossed out as if tossing out garbage…His Highness Prince Jin was simply not human, he was naturally a G.o.d!

Compared to the Elder Ancestor from the Liu family, the Liu family’s second young master was simply even more tragic.

One could only see that the clothing on his body were rags. His head and face was covered in dust and blood, mixed with sweat. His entire person looked no better than a beggar. Nowhere did he still have a little of that normally jade-faced playboy appearance that was distinguished and confident. It simply was as incomparable as night and day.

Everyone was extremely stunned, their admiration for His Highness Prince Jin became even greater, like the waves of major rivers, continuous and endless.

“Hey, like I said, Liu family’s Elder Ancestor isn’t worth a d.a.m.n. He would even dare to bring the fight to Prince Jin’s Royal Manor. Ha ha, see, this time, wasn’t he thrown out?”

“That’s right, that second Liu young master, just a moment ago, was still boasting by saying that his grandfather had broken through to the seventh rank. Why is it this seventh rank seems so weak? Perhaps he was only talking big?”

“Ha ha ha, maybe he wasn’t bragging. Can’t say for sure if that Liu family’s Elder Ancestor is indeed a seventh rank? The only thing that can be proven is that His Highness Prince Jin has formidable strength that is unsurpa.s.sed!”

“That’s right, a seventh rank expert was beaten like this and successfully driven out in a clean sweep. Heaven knows how deep and profound His Highness Prince Jin’s strength is. It simply is too terrible, he isn’t even twenty years old yet!”

At that moment, everyone was spiritedly discussing this, numerous words of praise were heaped upon the body of His Highness Prince Jin. They practically lifted him onto the altar of G.o.ds with their praises. As for Liu family’s Elder Ancestor, he was naturally trodden into the dust.

Ignoring the spirited discussions and hubbub from outside, within Prince Jin’s Royal Manor, the follow-up was still developing.

Su Luo curiously fiddled with the dark bronze plaque in her hand.

This bronze plaque was approximately the size of a child’s palm. It was square-shaped, with an outward appearance that was black as ink. There were only three words carved on top, and the font was flamboyant. Even if you carefully considered it, you would also not be able to recognize it. Apart from this, there was nothing else that could be made out.

Su Luo couldn’t tell what it was, so she lifted her eyes to ask Nangong Liuyun: “What is this thing?”

After Liu family’s Elder Ancestor lost it, he had an upset appearance. It was sufficient to prove that this thing was a treasure. She still really couldn’t make out what was so mysterious inside this.

Nangong Liuyun raised an eyebrow and smiled: “Really don’t know what to say to you, this girl, that would be good. Yesterday, you refined Spirit Restoration Pills that are comparable to Intermediate level’s medicinal pill. You also broke through to the third rank. Today, you obtained another treasure from that old, coa.r.s.e fellow from the Liu family. Hey, hey, this is indeed the Liu family’s secret cultivation method that isn’t spread out. Do you not see what words are written on top?”

“What words?” Su Luo gazed attentively at the front side of that piece of bronze plaque with its flamboyant, illegible, wild and rash words, “Spirit Dance Steps?”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 301

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