The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 305

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Chapter 305 – Returning to Su Manor (5)

During the time it took for the force of Su Xi’s slapping palm to arrive, Su Luo whirled her body and avoided it. She nimbly circled around to Su Xi’s back and severely kicked at her tender, charming and plump b.u.t.tocks!

The matter happened so unexpectedly, Su Xi was completely unguarded, this——

Being kicked by Su Luo like this, thanks to the effect from gravity, her entire body facing forward abruptly dashed forth. She simply could not stop the forward momentum.

Just as well, in front of her just so happened to be a very round and st.u.r.dy, iron-like wooden pillar.

Only a huge ‘thump’ ramming sound could be heard, Su Xi’s head had close contact with the iron-like wooden pillar. Her entire head was pasted onto that pillar.

Such an enormous force of impact slammed her whole head until it was dazed and confused. For a long while, she couldn’t recover her senses because she was knocked stupid.

When the surrounding flunkies and servant girls saw this scene, they were all stupefied. Each and every one of them had a dumbstruck expression as they looked at Su Luo. Then, once again, they turned around to shockingly stare at Su Xi. who had almost fainted from the pain of the collision.

Didn’t the fifth Miss a few days ago just say that she had been promoted to the third rank? But how could she be so easily kicked flying by the legendary good-for-nothing fourth Miss? This world was too crazy, too chaotic…

Su Xi returned to her senses with great difficulty. She threw off the dizziness in her brain and turned around to look at Su Luo with a stupid expression. Very quickly, her expression recovered and she covered her sore forehead. In her eyes burned a raging inferno!

“Su Luo! You s.l.u.t! You actually dare to kick me! Simply courting death!” Su Xi’s fury soared. Basically, she hadn’t realized where was the unreasonableness in being kicked flying by a good-for-nothing. Shortly after, one could see her palm slapping towards Su Luo’s face!

Su Xi’s full strength was in this strike, her palm’s strength was so powerful that it scared people.

At this very moment, a contemptuous smile appeared on Su Luo’s mouth.

She didn’t dodge nor avoid it, and her right hand was firmly clenched into a fist. Under everyone’s astonished gaze, her fist met the force of Su Xi’s palm head-on, connecting and joining together.

The fist and palm intersected, producing a violent hitting sound. Afterwards, what astonished everyone was that originally, they thought that Su Luo would be slapped flying by Su Xi, but instead, she was able to receive that palm strike while firmly standing her ground. Su Luo steadily stood in her original place, in contrast to Su Xi who had retreated back seven continuous steps with ‘thump, thump, thump’ sounds.

“You——” Such an intense contrast in power made Su Xi immediately stupefied.

No matter what, she didn’t believe that this good-for-nothing was actually able to receive the power of her palm strike. In addition, she was able to send her retreating from the aftershock.

She could clearly sense the surging spirit power within Su Luo’s body.

How was this possible? She was undoubtedly a good-for-nothing, for so many years, she had never cultivated. How could it be possible that all of a sudden, she would surpa.s.s her, this young gifted genius? This was impossible!

Su Xi’s eyes were full of disbelief, angry thoughts flas.h.i.+ng across her ashen face. She gnashed her teeth and repeatedly humphed.

Even if you, Su Luo, was not a good-for-nothing, so what? Even if you have also reached the third rank, don’t even think about fighting with me, Su Xi!

“Netherworld sword!” Soon after, Su Xi burst out with a shout, from her sleeves appeared the handle of a flexible sword. The light seemed to flow and s.h.i.+ne on top of the sword, and like a ray of light, it ruthlessly thrust towards Su Luo’s throat.

On account of having been defeated by Su Luo twice already, Su Xi had a sense of crisis that she had never felt before. Now, her heart already had killing intent towards Su Luo.

“Netherworld sword is the Miss’s most accomplished skill, this time, the fourth Miss is screwed!” Having regained consciousness, Xiao Yu had her hand protecting her chest and sat leaning against the wall. She watched the fight in front of her, looking at Su Luo with vicious rays of light bursting from her eyes.

The Netherworld sword divided into two, then the two subdivided into four. When it reached Su Luo’s throat, it had already divided into eight sharp blades.

The eight sharp blades formed into a circle, with the head of the blades pointing straight at all the vital points on Su Luo’s body.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 305

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