The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 311

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Chapter 311 – Returning to Su Manor (11)

How could Su Zian think of the so-called daughter from His Highness Prince Jin’s mouth being Su Luo?

In his eyes, Su Luo was merely an abandoned good-for-nothing. Therefore, when Nangong Liuyun said this sentence, the first person who appeared in his mind was Su Qing.

Bright rays of light flashed through Su Zian’s pair of eyes. He humbly smiled, accompanying him while saying: “Your Highness’s praise is erroneous. Although that girl’s gift is pretty good, however, compared to Your Highness’s, she is merely like the dust on the ground, basically unable to be compared to you.”

“Oh?” Nangong Liuyun was surprised.

This Su Zian and the Liu family’s Elder Ancestor had one point that was really similar. They were both strict in treating other people but lenient towards themselves.

Luo girl’s gifted talent, in his eyes, would actually become mere dust on the ground? He himself, at his old age, was no more than a minor fifth rank. He actually still didn’t consider Luo girl’s gift at the apex of talents as worthy?

If others were to say this about his talent, he absolutely wouldn’t pay it any attention, but disrespecting his Luo girl, a touch of frost momentarily flashed through his pair of beautiful, vibrant and bright eyes.

The two people were totally unaware that they were talking at cross purposes. The person they were talking about simply was not the same person.

Su Zian, completely lacking any awareness, seeing that His Highness not batting an eyelid while fiddling with the teacup, was still under the impression that he spoke correctly. And he still continued to talk non-stop in a self-deprecating manner: “That girl, it is also thanks to her good luck. At a very young age, she paid her respects to a good teacher, otherwise, she also wouldn’t have her current achievements. However, these accomplishments, compared to your Highness’s, falls far too short, the distance is too far…”

Nangong Liuyun frowned with displeasure. She paid respects to a good teacher? When did his Luo’er formally become an apprentice to a master? Why was it he didn’t know? Which master was it? Was the master a male or female? Was the master good-looking or not?

Sure enough, men’s IQ, when caught in the snare of love, were all unlikely to be very high, including His Highness Prince Jin. He immediately overlooked everything else and made a beeline for the main subject, becoming entangled in the question of Su Luo’s teacher.

He was just about to ask when the rus.h.i.+ng sounds of footsteps came from outside the door. Right after, Su Jingyu’s face that was full of smiles emerged.

“It has already come to this, why still be so bashful? Stop dawdling, quickly come in.” Su Jingyu, with one step, entered the hall, but discovered that today’s female lead, his treasured second younger sister Su Qing, had fallen behind. He turned his head for a look and just so happened to see the spreading crimson on Su Qing’s little face from modesty. Therefore, he urged her on with a laughing expression.

Qing’er this girl, had always been cold and cheerless by nature, but once His Highness Prince Jin was mentioned, she would change entirely into a bashful young lady. It could clearly be seen how great His Highness Prince Jin’s charisma and allure was.

Su Qing nodded her head, controlling the colors on her face, she gave a clear cough. She forcibly retrieved the bashfulness from her face, only after that did she lower her head and drop her eyes to enter the hall.

Once Su Qing entered, Su Zian finally exhaled a breath of air from nervousness.

Okay, good, good, with Qing’er present, His Highness Prince Jin’s attention would certainly not be placed on his body right? Su Zian relaxed a little and wiped away the cold sweat that he wasn’t sure when, had climbed out onto his forehead.

However Su Qing’s speed was somewhat slow. She took small quick steps, every step seemingly giving birth to a lotus flower, with the posture of a graceful woman swaying gently towards His Highness Prince Jin. Though her movements seemed a little stiff from nervousness.

Within the reception hall.

Madam Su, Su Zian, and including Su Jingyu, the three people all had smiles at the corner of their mouth when watching Su Qing. This girl was normally very cold and pure. Now at last, she also knew how to be bashful? It ought to be this way.

The smile on Madam Su’s face was even more magnificent. Her smiling face was like a flower. She was extremely pleased with the current state of affairs.

Su Xi being able to climb up to the crown prince’s high branch already made her very happy. Now. Su Qing’s ticket, compared to Su Xi was even more of a victory. She unexpectedly made His Highness Prince Jin feel anxious and infatuated because of her, thus consenting to lowering his n.o.ble image to pay his respects by coming to Su Manor.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 311

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