The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – The stratagem of moving the tiger from the mountain

For a long time, Su Bowu could not chase him down. His heart become even more furious as he fiercely vowed to capture this shameless little thief and give him some serious punishment.

But how could he possibly know that Nangong Liuyun was not wounded, and was merely just initiating the stratagem of moving the tiger from the mountain.

The two person in pursuit were not quiet, and attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Poor Su Bowu closely pursued without letting go, so he did not know that Su Luo on the other corner began to move.

Su Luo saw that all around her was quiet. There was not even a trace of a human shadow, and the corner of her mouth slowly raised into a sly smiling expression.

Indeed, this was the great Nangong Liuyun; his use of moving the tiger from the mountain was really entertaining.

At first Su Luo thought that Nangong Liuyun really did get hurt, but after seeing him having the relaxed frame of mind to throw her flirtatious glances while running away, she was rea.s.sured.

The mysterious iron lock was made by the number one cleverest craftsman in Eastern Ling; the lock’s core was complicated and hard to solve, but this was merely to resist and unnerve others.

Having opened a variety of complex modern locks, Su Luo could not be stumped by this lock.

She retrieved a small thin hairpin and use it to fiddle around within the keyhole, both eyes vigilantly watched her surroundings, ears listening for movements in all directions.

Caution and prudence was her entire body’s instinct.

She wholeheartedly used all three of her senses; her hand movement did not seem to slow down for she was quite familiar with this fiddling movement.

“Click….” in less than ten seconds, the legendary unconquerable mysterious iron lock fell into ruin in Su Luo’s hand.

Thus, Su Luo quietly opened the lock, then hung it back on the door, and entered the room. Then she quietly closed the door with an movement that resembled moving clouds and flowing water, and smoothly completed in one go.

This lock was said to be made by the world’s number one cleverest craftsman, but under Su Luo’s omnipotent ability to open all locks, it collapsed at the first blow, and it was quickly cracked.

Entering the first floor of the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, Su Luo would not dare to light a lamp, because once a lamp gets lit in the room, a.s.suredly, it was telling people: thieves are here, quickly catch them!

Fortunately Su Luo’s vision was superb; to others this scene was pitch-dark, but for her, the line of sight was only slightly blurred.

The first floor lobby contains lots of shelves made out of pear tree wood. Every nook was also lined with small iron boxes and trunks.

Su Luo looked at it one by one. She discovered that they just common gold, silver, and pearl jewelry, while the iron boxes were full of gold and silver bars.

Although this stuff was very useful, she was only one person, and essentially cannot take them away.

Su Luo sighed with some regret and several reluctant-to-part backward glances at the valuable gold and silver treasure. Finally, she firmly turned around and nimbly stepped on the staircase, walking up step by step.

The stuff on the second floor was a little better than those on the first floor. It was full of rare medicinal herbs; Ginseng as thick as the back of one’s hand, thousand year old Lingzhi Mushroom, Sky Mountain Snow Lotus and other types of very old medicinal herbs.

The air permeated with a dense herbal aroma.

Su Luo felt around for a long time at that place, but still did not find the Celestial Spirit water that she need.
She secretly become anxious; she did not know where this treasure is hidden.

After much contemplation, the possibility that it was on the third floor was the greatest.

Su Luo’s foot briefly touched the ground. With lithe agility, she reached for the staircase and after one sweeping movement, her figure flashed pa.s.s and arrived at the entrance to the third floor staircase.

She knew that now she needed to increase her pace.

Don’t know how much longer Nangong Liuyun can stall Su Bowu.

If Su Bowu were to mentally recover, he would clearly see through this stratagem of moving the tiger from the mountain and return. She would then into him head on and this good-for-nothing would not be able to beat him.

Or if her father Su Zian heard the movements inside Su Manor, with meticulous care would come and inspect the Hidden Treasure Pavilion. Then she really will be exposed, at that time she won’t even know how to cry.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 36

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