The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 333

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Chapter 333 – Playboy (4)

The result from the Spirit Testing Temple made Su Luo very satisfied. Because even though Lu Luo’s talent wasn’t very good, it was also not too bad. She was actually a green level talent.

Nangong Liuyun was afraid Su Luo would have an accident and a.s.signed Ling Feng to come over and guard her.

Su Luo conveniently handed Lu Luo over to Ling Feng and shut herself in her room. She started to single-mindedly practice and cultivate.

She remembered that blackish bronze plaque she won from Liu family’s old man, at that time she had immediately tossed it into her s.p.a.ce. Coming back was another huge pile of different things that kept her busy until now, when everyone finally dispersed. As a result, she hadn’t had an opportunity to carefully study it until now.

Su Luo retrieved that blackish bronze plaque from within her s.p.a.ce, placing it in her hand, she turned it around to examine it.

The outer appearance of this bronze plaque, besides the few illegible and flamboyant handwritten words, she completely could not tell what was inside it that was so special.

Su Luo recalled that piece of jade the Venerable divine dragon gave her, at that time, she had poured spirit power into it and afterwards, she was able to see the cultivation methods sealed inside.

Could it be that this piece of bronze plaque also used the same method?

Sure enough, when Su Luo closed her eyes and poured her spirit power into the blackish bronze plaque, a group of densely-packed written words immediately emerged in her mind. With a careful look, it actually was the cultivation method for Spirit Dance Steps.

As expected, the first condition to cultivate this was exactly what Nangong Liuyun mentioned previously. Innate spirit power must reach the purple level, otherwise the vigor of the mind basically was not strong enough to master the Spirit Dance Steps.

Within the notes, Su Luo actually saw such a sentence: if a s.p.a.ce master was to cultivate this, there was a multiplier effect. Finally, they might also cultivate the Spirit Dance Steps to the realm of teleportation.

The realm of teleportation? Su Luo was immediately stunned.

If she was able to cultivate to the realm of teleportation, then that speed could be said to have reach the pinnacle. When the time came, who could possibly catch her?

Thinking up until now, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a nefarious smile.

Spirit power at the purple level, she had. The nearly extinct s.p.a.ce mage on this continent, she was.

This Spirit Dance Steps was practically created just for her. There wasn’t another cultivation method that was more suited for her to practice. The most coincidental matter was that the Liu family’s Elder Ancestor had actually voluntarily come to her door and personally delivered it into her hands.

Recalling how Elder Liu looked after Nangong Liuyun successfully oppressed him, the smiling expression on Su Luo’s face became even more obvious.

But very quickly, she collected herself and regained her resolute expression.

Three months time, could she really cultivate to the fourth rank and fight to see who was stronger?

According to the information she obtained; first thing in the morning, Su Qing had already gone back to her teacher’s sect. In this three month period, don’t know to what state Su Qing’s cultivation would be promoted to.

Su Luo very quickly tossed Su Qing to the back of her mind, and started her own cultivation practice.

The first layer of the Spirit Dance Steps: speeding up.

She must expand the range of the handprint of the great Dimensional Imprint, increasing its power by tenfold.

The small fireball technique must be cultivated to the large fireball technique.

As for the wood system, Su Luo felt that this was of little value and was weak. Granted, even if she was to cultivate it to a high level, the wood system relied on plants in battle, and its fighting strength would not be too great. Therefore, she didn’t plan to cultivate it as an auxiliary force for the fight.

After all, right now, her main fighting force and technique was the great Dimensional Imprint. Her auxiliary fighting force was her fire element system. She also had speed from Spirit Dance Steps, as long as she combined it well, then its formidable power would be very astonis.h.i.+ng. To torture and kill a fourth rank martial artist was also not impossible.

Su Luo sat in the lotus position on her bed, then she took out some spirit liquid medicine that she had successfully refined from orange-colored crystal stones. She poured a few drops into her mouth, placed both hands on her knees and tightly closing her eyes. She allowed her body to slowly absorb the pure essence from that potent medicine.

And under the permeation of the orange-colored spirit liquid into her body, Su Luo’s Dantian started to expand and strengthen bit by bit.

In the following month, Su Luo became a recluse.

She rarely walked out of her room, all the time she had was /employed on her cultivation practice.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 333

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