The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 341

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Chapter 341 – Playboy (12)

“Perhaps you are mistaken about something? My relations.h.i.+p with Nangong Liuyun is absolutely not what you guys are imagining. Don’t confuse one thing with another.” Su Luo simply could not explain it clearly enough for him to understand. She had a feeling she was only making it worse.

Beichen Ying had a considering expression as he stared at Su Luo: “He still hasn’t caught you from the chase yet? Hey, Sister-in-law, Nangong Liuyun is a good person. Why is it that you won’t accept him?”

Su Luo suddenly was at a loss for words, this child’s words were really blunt that it was cute, making it hard for her to resist.

Beichen Ying warmly looked at Su Luo: “Really, Nangong Liuyun is a good person, a guy like him completely does not lack for women. But for so many years, he had always avoided debauchery and remained chaste. He never let any other women even get near him. Sister-in-law, this is simply too rare and hard to come by. You tell me, am I right or not?”

To remain chaste, these kind of words being used on Nangong Liuyun’s body, Su Luo felt it was somewhat embarra.s.sing and frustrating.

Only, saying that Nangong Liuyun remained chaste, these words seemed somewhat inappropriate?

Su Luo said it very bluntly: “Don’t tell me, a woman never appeared by his side.” Then, what was the Jade Lake’s fairy considered as?

Beichen Ying seriously looked at her, sincerely and earnestly teaching her: “A guy like him, if a woman was given an opportunity, then she wouldn’t be able to escape. Up to now, he only gave one person this opportunity, and that’s all. You think about it, isn’t it like this?”

Beichen Ying’s words, made the soft area closest to her heart tremble slightly.

Beichen Ying’s tone when speaking was unusually serious and gentle, for a split second, it made her feel as if he was really telling the truth.

However, in Su Luo’s mind, unavoidably, that exceedingly refined and beyond beautiful face that was above the common populace, appeared.

All of a sudden, she smiled, though her smile seemed forced: “Since you guys are childhood friends who grew up together, you couldn’t possibly not know the Jade Lake’s fairy right?”

This person, chased after her to kill her several times. She would absolutely not let her get away with it. At that time, she and the Jade Lake’s fairy would not be able to exist together. When the time comes, whose side would Nangong Liuyun, who spoiled and indulged the Jade Lake’s fairy, stand on? It was truly hard to say.

A vexed expression flashed through Beichen Ying’s eyes. He silently breathed out a sigh, his expression was heavy and yet earnest: “Her, uhm? He he, if Nangong Liuyun had given her an opportunity, then how could the position of Princess Jin be empty? To tell you the truth, the Jade Lake Palace, all along, had intended them to be connected through marriage. Eastern Ling’s emperor also had the same notion. The only person who would not agree to it is Nangong Liuyun.”

Su Luo looked at him with astonishment and some disbelief.

After all, the scene in the Sunset Mountain Range at that time, had provided her with an impression that was too deep.

That pair was like the jade annulus, like a painting, they were inseparably in love. She smiled at him, he whispered softly to her…this picturesque scene had all along been a deep thorn in her heart. Ordinarily, it was silent, at the most critical time, it would run out to punch her in the solar plexus.

Beichen Ying patted her shoulder, giving her ample encouragement: “Before, why Nangong would refuse her, I don’t know. Yet, since meeting you, his entire person has changed. His aura has become less gloomy, has become more spirited and full of life.”

“Wasn’t he always a master without the slightest scruple and despising worldly conventions? From what I see, he is living quite well.” An image of Nangong Liuyun’s manner and appearance of always teasing and making fun of her emerged in her head.

Whenever they met, at which time did he not resemble a rakish hooligan teasing her? It was completely unlike what Beichen Ying said about him being that great and amazing.

Beichen Ying slowly shook his head, as his gaze looked to a distant place. Quietly and unmovingly, he looked at the clear, gleaming sunlight that was reflected from the waves in the distance. A long time later, he faintly said: “You don’t understand, he hasn’t been happy since he was little. Before he was eight years old, he almost completely sealed himself up. Not listening, not looking, not asking and not speaking, as if completely shutting himself away. Afterwards, he slowly got a little better.”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 341

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