The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 380

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Chapter 380 – Amethyst Fish Palace (2)

The crown prince’s entire body was almost lifted up by the Jade Lake’s Fairy. Faced with that pair of very severe and sinister eyes, the crown prince only felt his heart immediately become cold.

Undoubtedly, she was as beautiful as a fairy, but why did she give him the feeling of having cold sweat on his back? No matter how much the crown prince thought about it, he couldn’t understand.

“Quickly tell me!” How could the Jade Lake’s Fairy now still be that pure, cold, aloof and proud-as-if-above-the-common-people, that woman? The her right now was a malicious, sinister witch of a woman.

The crown prince restrained the chill in his heart, gave a cold snort and deliberately tried to shock the Jade Lake’s Fairy: “What’s the harm in letting you know. Today’s fis.h.i.+ng champion is precisely that loathsome girl. Don’t believe me, you can go and ask around. It was under thousands of pairs of staring eyes, who could tell a lie?”

“That is impossible! Only if third senior brother gave some of the ones he hooked to her!” How could the Jade Lake’s Fairy believe it?

“Humph! This king also wishes this is not true, but under thousands of pairs of staring eyes, all present saw this clearly. That loathsome girl simply and neatly caught one thousand five hundred Amethyst Thorned fis.h.!.+” The crown prince shook off Jade Lake Fairy’s hand, and said it while panting with rage.

This matter, he originally didn’t want to mention it again, however, it was to no avail since the Jade Lake’s Fairy kept asking.

“One thousand five hundred….Amethyst Thorned fishes? Are you certain it isn’t the common kind of fish?” At this moment, it was not only the Jade Lake’s Fairy, even Li Aotian was surprised. His pair of eyes was like electricity, staring fixedly at the crown prince.

The Jade Lake’s Fairy had an even more stunned expression as she stared at the crown prince. It was as if she was looking for signs that he was lying on his face.

But the crown prince starkly spread out both of his hands: “If you guys don’t believe me, go out and randomly grab anyone to ask, and everything will be clear. In any case, the matter today, everyone saw it clearly.”

Not waiting for the Jade Lake’s Fairy to act, Li Aotian had already flown out, and in a blink of an eye, he came back with a few people he had grabbed.

After interrogating them one after another, he was amazed to discover that every sentence the crown prince said was true. Moreover, the most pathetic thing was that this crown prince also actually lost one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones to that little s.l.u.t.

The Jade Lake’s Fairy was simply dumbfounded, besides being shocked, in addition to jealousy, she also felt humiliated.

Now, recalling that matter that happened a moment ago on that yacht, a scarlet color flashed across her face.

Now, she finally understood why just now, on third senior brother’s yacht, when she mentioned hooking Amethyst Thorned fish, those few people’s expression would be so surprised.

She had really underestimated that little s.l.u.t, no, not merely underestimating her, she had greatly underestimated her.

However, one thousand five hundred Amethyst Thorned fish….in the end, how had she accomplished it? Could it be that on her body, she had an unknown secret?

Even if the Jade Lake’s Fairy pondered until her brain became stupid, she would still fail to think that the common Su Luo was actually a s.p.a.ce system mage. Moreover, she still had the little divine dragon to remind her to mix some Celestial Spirit Water into the fish food.

Time slowly pa.s.sed, now, the yacht had already arrived in front of the Amethyst Fish Palace.

Li Aotian patted her slender shoulder, his voice was deep and low: “Don’t let your imagination run wild. Find an opportunity to grab that girl over here and interrogate her, then we’ll know. If I didn’t guess wrong, that girl ought to have hidden secrets on her body.”

Li Aotian never considered if the other party would cooperate with the questions from his interrogation. This was because he had hundreds and thousands of methods that would make the other party obediently tell the truth.

A group of people walked quickly out of the yacht on foot.

The imposing and vast Amethyst Fish Palace that had no end at a glance, now stood before everyone’s eyes.

Li Aotian stepped off the yacht and directly rushed towards the Amethyst Fish Palace. This was due to the reason that the earlier you entered the Amethyst Fish Palace, implied that your chances would be greater. But, he was forced to stop his footsteps in front of the palace gates.

The doors to the Amethyst Fish Palace did not directly open wide, that glowing, vermillion red-colored palace gates was tightly shut.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 380

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