The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 393

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Chapter 393 – Amethyst Fish Palace (15)

This dark green sea-colored bowl had now actually been filled with chunks after chunks of crystal stones.

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan… unexpectedly, every color was there!

Also, the sea-colored bowl was packed to the brim!

Su Luo couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cold air when she saw this.

These crystal stones infused with radiant rainbow colors, there was no lack of green-colored and cyan-colored crystal stones inside. How precious were these crystal stones outside? Recall how she had painstakingly gambled on stones and struggled to earn only a little more than ten pieces of crystal stones at most.

Su Luo fixedly stared at that sea-colored bowl, unblinkingly looking at the various kinds of crystal stones within that sea-colored bowl. Weren’t there about several hundred pieces of crystal stones in here? If she were to take it outside, then it would cause a huge sensation.

Su Luo was now somewhat stupefied, just like a dest.i.tute, frustrated beggar that all of a sudden, saw a room full of golden bricks appear in front of her. Moreover, it was still something in a state she could easily make use of, how could you ask a person not to be so excited?

Su Luo’s gaze then landed on the purple goldfish.

This tiny palm-sized little thing…Wasn’t what she thought it was right?

“Amethyst Crystal Fish?” Nangong Liuyun’s complexion changed slightly and uttered in surprise.

The Amethyst Crystal Fish that countless number of people yearned for even in their dreams, just this abruptly and without any warning, appeared.

Su Luo couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cold air.

Just now, she merely took a very small guess, she didn’t expect it was the real Amethyst Crystal Fish.

Just at this time, the Amethyst Crystal Fish suddenly opened up its mouth. Immediately, a cyan-colored crystal stone was spit out of its mouth. It quietly shot towards that sea-colored bowl.

However, that sea-colored bowl was obviously filled to the brim with crystal stones and was already unable to hold this piece.

It was an event that occurred which made Su Luo surprised and also extremely regretful.

One could only see that piece of cyan-colored crystal stone being launched to the top of that pile of crystal stones in the sea-colored bowl. However, due to gravity and inertia acting on it, this cyan-colored crystal stone actually slid down from within the sea-colored bow, landing on top of the jade altar.

One could only see and hear a ‘thump’ sound as that piece of cyan-colored crystal stone landed on top of the jade altar, then right after——

Afterwards, with the speed exceeding that of the naked eye, it disappeared without a trace!

“How could it be like this!” Su Luo was somewhat flabbergasted.

That was not just a red-colored or orange-colored crystal stone, that was a cyan-colored crystal stone ah! Lord, it disappeared. Back then, the Liu family, for just one piece of cyan-colored crystal, dared to actually bring the fight to Prince Jin’s Royal Manor okay?

From this, it could be seen how rare a cyan-colored crystal stone was! On this continent, again, how precious it was.

But now, Su Luo helplessly looked on as a cyan-colored crystal stone vanished in front of her eyes.

Obviously, it was easily obtainable, but this kind of feeling of having let it slip away, was the most oppressive to the heart.

“In the end, what just happened! Where is the cyan-colored crystal stone? Where did it run to?” Su Luo very unhappily leaned forward onto the jade altar, meticulously and carefully searching for it. However, where could she even find a trace of the cyan-colored crystal stone?

“It should have been swallowed by the jade altar.” Nangong Liuyun observed it for a while and arrived at a conclusion.

“This jade altar can also swallow it?” Su Luo was simply incredulous, could it be that the jade altar also had the intelligence of a spirit?

Nangong Liuyun nodded his head: “In this world, all living things engender and subdue each other. This Amethyst Crystal Fish can spit out crystal stones from its mouth, really defying the natural order of things too much. According to the laws of the world, it would be correct to say that there must be some restrictions eventually.”

After a pause, Nangong Liuyun continued to say: “Amethyst Crystal Fish can spit out three pieces of crystal stones in one day, every grade of crystal stone appearing in random order. Spitting it out for one hundred years, then how astonis.h.i.+ng would the amount of crystal stones be? As long as it appears in the world, it absolutely would cause the unrest of the entire continent. Therefore, it must be limited, which ought to be that any which exceeded what the sea-colored bowl could hold, would be swallowed up by the jade altar. Also, it could be interpreted as automatically taking it back for the Amethyst Crystal Fish, because this jade alter is linked together with the Amethyst Crystal Fish, resulting in an irresolvable situation.”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 393

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