The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – A tiger doesn’t show its might so you treat me like a sick cat (2)

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved into a sarcastic arc. “That day, the matter at the lotus pond? Oh, third elder sister, are you talking about that day when you fell into the lotus pond? During that time, you rushed out, but suddenly encountering the big fire, you jumped in again. In the end, you got thrown out by someone, and as a result, embarra.s.sed yourself in front of countless people from the aristocratic families’ younger generation. Was it this matter you were referring to?”

“You— you really saw that,” Su Wan angrily shrieked.

“Yes, I was also looking at it freely and honestly. What’s it to you? Third elder sister, since it’s something you did, why would you be afraid of it being seen by others?” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose into a taunting grin. Her beautiful eyes were emitting bursts of frigid rays of light.

A person’s evil nature could really be frighteningly hideous, and she specialized in picking up a soft touch to pinch.

When Su Xi bullied her in this way, she dared not to resist, because in Su Xi’s eyes, she was just a good-for-nothing. If her heart became angry she would unleash it on Su Luo. This could only be called really ‘intolerably bullying’!

But this was not the first time. In fact, this kind of stuff had occurred many times in the past!

“Su Luo! You deserve to die! You wretched good for nothing b.i.t.c.h!” Everything she had experienced that day, had become pain that would be carved into Su Wan’s heart for a lifetime. When she recalled what happened that day, she really want to choke Su Xi to death.

Su Wan, no matter what, could not pull back her whip.

When the whip drew close enough, Su Luo grabbed the whip’s tail, and stressing each syllable she said, “Su Wan, you are nothing but a first ranked martial artist. You are also born of a concubine, yet you always act like a stuck-up in front of me, feeling superior and harshly lording over me. A first-ranked martial artist, what’s so great about that?”

“A good for nothing like you will never understand the world of pract.i.tioners. Go die!”

Su Wan abandoned the whip, then with one palm, very harshly slapped toward Su Luo.

Su Luo laughed coldly in her heart. She stook a step back and avoided the surprise attack. Afterwards, the whip in her hand turned over, changing directions, and very harshly whipped toward Su Wan’s face.


The crisp sound of the whip resounded.

This lash not only landed on Su Wan’s face with ferocious strength, it even send her flying away for a few meters.

At this time, Su Luo’s facial expression was very cruel and ice-cold, similar to a demon from h.e.l.l, that could make a person’s heart tremble.

Slowly her mouth arched into an ice-cold sneer. “Being an ordinary person and striking the face of a first ranked martial artist… it feels very invigorating.”

At this moment, she quietly and motionlessly stood there for a long time. The wind gently raised her garment. The corner of her skirt fluttering like the dazzling cherry blossom.

Su Luo’s cruel and ice-cold words, when posed in such cold and threatening manner, sounded near Su Wan’s ear.

Su Wan, who was whipped flying, smashed very heavily into the corner of the wall. She immediately issued a miserable scream.

A distinct whip mark appeared on her face. The whip mark cracked open and blood kept flowing. The wound looked horrible.

Su Wan touched the wound with her hands. Her eyes were full of astonishment, but she unwaveringly stared at Su Luo, full of hatred. “ You….”

Watching Su Luo’s cold eyes was like looking at a thousand-year-old cold ice; they were completely lacking in emotion. A hint of fear flashed through her heart, like a small part of a cold idea frantically initiating from the bottom jumped up.

How can it be like this? Su Luo she….she is only a good-for-nothing. How could….how could she have such a cruel expression in her eyes? Her deterrent force at this time unexpectedly is stronger than even our imposing grandfather’s, this, how was this possible?

Su Wan’s heart became bewildered and unsettled.

Also at this time, Lu Luo was completely shocked.

This was awe-inspiring. It made people want to revere the young lady. Her black hair was adrift from being wind-borne. Her small face may have been extremely beautiful, but it was also full of callousness and the determination to vanquish; This released an imposing manner that made people afraid to look at directly.

At this moment she was dazzling like the convergence of all the sunlight.

This person…this person is really the mistress? She really served this person from childhood to adult? Is she really that idiot mistress that allowed others to bully her?

“What’s so great about a first ranked martial artist, if she was still whipped flying by this good-for-nothing? So, over the years, what were you so proud off?” Su Luo crouched down, eyes full of arrogance; while speaking she was playing with the whip and mercilessly mocking Su Wan.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 46

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